Motorola S11 Flex HD Bluetooth Headset

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Motorola S11 Flex HD Bluetooth Headset
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Cheaper + no tax!

[MOD: that is bulk packaging. Ours is new in retail pack bought directly from Motorola]

I bought mine last year for nearly double the price, and absolutely love it. Easy to use and charge. Like it so much, I bought my girlfriend also.

I have these and find them to be much better than earlier Mot BT headsets. Isolation from outside noise is good, and volume allowed is higher than the S10’s. BT connection is quick and solid. It takes a while to get used to the POWER switch location when not looking. Battery life is about 6+ hours. Fit is good and the very-soft earpieces are quite adjustable.

I paid about $10 less for a refurb pair with 90d warranty, so this is a good price point for new with 1yr warranty.

I’d buy them again.

4.0 Stars over at Best Buy

I see what you did there Woot!, make me regret my recent purchase of Beats. I’m onto you tho, and since I don’t know the Bluetooth version on these I won’t be going head over heels for them (I think they’re 3.0 vs the 4.0 that I need).

Any experience with one of these from someone with a small head / ear canals?

I bought one of these almost two years ago for a significantly higher price. I loved it for about two weeks. Then suddenly without warning the rear frame broke right in the middle as I stretched it to put it on my head. I have a large head, 7⅝", but that is not outside the range of normal humans. It should have been made to handle my size of head. The stupid thing still works but I just use it now around the house and yard. I tried fixing it with various types of plastic cement but nothing would hold more than a few days. So, I resorted to just using duct tape, which works great, but means I can’t wear it in public.

I bought a set for my 13 year old daughter for Christmas (so she’d stop stealing my set). They fit her well.

This is an even better deal that I got for a new set when I bought them a month ago. This set is definitely a winner.

I would like to have wireless for exercising on my elliptical, but I typically watch video instead of just audio. I read that BT headsets will not effectively sync up to the video due to a delay. Is this true? Even if so, do these work with video? Thanks!

How much was shipping?

Was that a WootOff?

We’ve looked everywhere. Newegg says 3.0 but there is nothing on the packaging about version.

I use mine watching training videos all the time and they work great.

Mine came in a BOC.

Yo TT!

According to Moto Support (from A’zon discussions}…

  • … we did fix this as well as we could last year. We made a running change to the headsets to reinforce that area. Breaks dropped dramatically after the switch. We will stand by the product and replace broken headsets at least within warranty (that is, up to a year after the original purchase).*

Are these units the post-crack design, or the breakable version?

Is a charger included (didn’t see that mentioned)?


Charger is included. These are new, factory sealed.

Checking on your other question.