Motorola S11 Flex HD Bluetooth Headset

Thanks. BTW, here’s the lastest product manual.

Sooner the better, Im ready to buy a pair but I want to make sure they are POST reinforcement of the back arc.

Our vendor looked at samples. They were manufactured around June 2014 so pretty recently. We think it’s after the fix but have no date to verify that with.

He did try it on his head and pulled quite a bit. No cracking.

You beat me to it! Damn!

You beat me to it! Damn! Walked right into that one!

Daily Steals has it for $35 with free shipping…

Not the same model…

(…it pays to read all the replies before trying to make your own “witty,” yet common reply.)

Will these survive a quick drop in water or during shower use? I don’t expect them to work underwater, but would like to use them to listen to books on tape while in the jacuzzi.

Seems unclear… doesn’t say “Flex” in the title, but it talks about the flexible band in the description…

EDIT: nevermind, they’re different. The DailySteals model number is 89587N, so I googled for that, turns out that’s the non-“Flex” version. Found a comparison between the two here:

Maybe this will help… the comment I quoted from the Moto rep is dated January 2014… so June 2014 is probably as good as it will be.

I’m going to pass on this one. The price looks good but the reviews at BestBuy are spotty. Of 246 reviews 30 of them are either 1 or 2 stars. ( That’s about 1 out of 8 reviewers that were unhappy.) Common complaints are issues with charging/battery, fit/stability during exercise, not pairing with bluetooth devices, poor sound quality and early failure. This is kind of a shame because 184 out of those 236 review are either 5 or 4 stars.

How much was your girlfriend?

I think this is the actual headset at Best Buy. The other set wasn’t the flex.

Link, please?


You can get in trouble for that purchase. Besides, I bet PayPal would deny it too. And there are people reading this…