Motorola S11-Flex HD Bluetooth Headset

Are these mullet compatible?


Will these play full 1080P HD sound? Of course, unless you have big ears the difference between 720P and 1080P would hardly be noticeable from a distance.

These will reproduce every pixel they receive.

I saw flashes with different words but no bitly links.

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So Exciting?!?

Finally someone who gets my synesthesia.

Got these last time. They worked for about 3 months until I couldn’t get them from constantly reciting the main menu. maybe just a fluke. Too bad cuz they were nice while they worked.

This gets pretty good reviews on Amazon. Folks like the sound, the Bluetooth range, and how well they stay on during exercise. They seem not to pair well with more than one source. Have to delete one source to successfully pair with another. Biggest issue is cracking the band. Seems like cracking may have been early model. Review avg 3.5 due to 21% 1 star reviews for poor reliability and customer service.
Woot, is this lot the early model?

[MOD: This is Gen2 so no cracking issues]

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Customer Care .pdf

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I like headsets.

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These are fantastic! I bought a pair for 4 times this amount about a year ago, and they were worth every penny. Highly suggest these

Maybe I missed a comment, but how is the sound, especially the low end, on these things?

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If they showed this picture with no title/heading to 100 people 15-20 years ago, how many could guess what it was?