Motorola SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

Bummed I just bought a modem on Amazon for my new place. Should’ve waited a few days.

I am just not sure- it does not state where it is compatible
with Cablevision- Optimum. Big company and customers. Cant seem to get any feedback on the matter.
Any advice from My fellow Wootsters? It would be appreciated!

(still trying to figure out why my cabe bill is $265 monthly --need a solution and a plan Verison not yet available here - errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Your cable company should be able to tell you if they allow this modem on their network. This is the most common modem around. So, I would imagine that it would be compatiable atleast on certain tiers of speed.

I use this modem with COX Communications internet service and it appears it probably would be compatable with most cable providers. But the people to ask are at your cable company. A quick search yielded this modem compatability page from Optimum Online but your service package may be different.

I dropped cable TV in favor of over-the-air TV a while ago and haven’t looked back. I do have three Roku boxes, a TiVo DVR, Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming for on-demand entertainment. The main thing us cable-cutters miss out on is live sporting events. But I’m not a huge sports person and if some match just can’t be missed there are sports bars and restaurants for that. Hope this helped!

Have had this modem for 3 years. Bought from Staples. Great unit and never a bit of trouble.

Comcast charges me $10 a month for modem rental (and its a piece of junk modem too). At $47 total after shipping and tax, my payback period is less than 5 months still. Complete no-brainer, I’m in for 1. I can’t wait to return the rented modem and smile while I say “Here’s $10 less a month you’ll be stealing from me!”