Motorola SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

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Motorola SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
Price: $49.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, May 25 to Tuesday, May 26) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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It’s pronounced Motorola SerfBORT!

Time to check out the product page

Buyer beware!

I purchased one the last time this was on Woot. It was already registered to a user on Comcast and they wouldn’t reassign it. Woot was not helpful in taking it back. Add another $9 for shipping the unit to Arris and hope they’ll be nice enough to replace it for you. Their customer service was great. Woot’s was terrible.

According to this post from the last sale, you can contact Arris/Motorola to have them help you out if the modem comes up as already registered.

I need a modem, and I’m going to jump on this deal.

Please note that this does not function as a router so you will have to get that separately. The Time Warner tech guy said to get the modem + router SBG6580, I think it was about hundred on Amazon.

Got one the last time these were offered. Unplugged the old one and plugged this one in. Quick and easy setup. Up and running in no time at all on Cox. My understanding is this IS the modem Comcast calls its upgrade.

Edit: Paired with an Apple Airport.

Ordered one two weeks ago. Installed it this week. So far running fine. No issues installing it. Just swapped my rental with this one and called Time Warner for that they can register my device on their system. This is only a modem. I already had a Netgear router. At first I had a hard time having those two work together but then did a hard reset on both and now they’re working fine together.

Bought one of these a year ago from Woot and it’s been great!

Keep an eye on your Comcast bill though. They removed the modem rental charge from my bill but replaced it with some phantom voice router charge. I don’t have voice service through them…

After deciding that paying $8 /month for the last two years for a rental was inefficient, I ordered one the last time it was on Woot! with the hopes of saving some money in the long run. Installed and activated it no problems using TWC website. Ran great for 20 minutes. Then the problems started. The modem would reboot after 20 minutes. After troubleshooting with TWC tech for an hour (helpful) and Motorola for 20 minutes (not so helpful…REALLY MOTORLA!!! Why should the customer PAY for shipping a unit WITH a warranty back to you to fix?!?) I decided to cut my losses after a couple days and return. Returning it to Woot! was a little cumbersome, but finally got a return label.

can this be used if you get your phone service thru t/w also?

I get my phone service through T/W and have this modem. T/W will let you keep your current rental modem for your phone service for no charge, and add this modem for internet service. You’ll need a cable splitter if you locate the new modem at same cable outlet as rental unit.

That’s a bad idea. better to have it separate unless you are the sales guy for the combo units. If one goes out in a combo unit…they both go out.

For what it is worth…

I had picked up a couple 6141’s in the February sale for my neighbor and myself.
When I called comcast to activate them, their rep told me this modem was obsolete. It is strange that amaz&Negg still sell them isn’t it?
Both modems are working well in the Chicago burbs. Maybe obsolete is what it means to save $10 a month from comcast.
In 2 more short months they will have paid for themselves.

I bought one here a few months ago and very happy with it.
It is much faster than the $8 a month rental from TWC.
These things pay for themselves in 7 months so it is a no-brainer.
I use a Tenda wireless router which Micro-Center usually sells for $15 and it works great with the modem.
I use Hulu Plus and Youtube for TV service, Pandora and Iheart for music and no more glitches / pauses like I used to get.

The T/W guy gave you the wrong model number.

Modem: The device that translates the cable signal to a computer signal. Coax cable from the wall goes in, and one Ethernet cable comes out.
Router: The device that provides multiple Ethernet connections.
WiFi Access point: The device provides multiple wireless connections.

Typically most people get either:
A “Modem” and connect that to a double-combo unit “Router/WiFi”, or
a triple-combo unit that does all three functionalities, a “Modem/Router/WiFi” also sometimes abbreviated as a “Modem/WiFi”.

If you have THIS UNIT, and all you want is one single Internet connection, you don’t need anything else.

However, what the T/W guy recommended is the WRONG model number.
If you get this unit, and want more than one connection, you also need a double-combo unit.
The T/W guy said you’d also need a Motorola SBG6580 and it’s what I have. BUT, it’s a ‘triple-combo-unit’ See:®-eXtreme-Wireless-Cable-Modem/70902,en_US,pd.html">Motorola
“SBG6580 SURFboard® eXtreme Wireless Cable Modem: Three products in one: ultra-fast cable modem, 802.11n wireless access point, 4-port gigabit Ethernet router”

T/W’s list of ‘recommended’ devices:
all have a Modem component.

I bought one of these here several months ago. I have had nothing but trouble with it. I had no problem setting it up and registering it with Bright House (Florida), however, shortly thereafter I started getting frequent disconnects that require me to reset this modem each time - not a lot of fun when you are using VOIP or online gaming. I actually went back to my old Motorola SB6121 and, while there have still be disconnects, it wasn’t as bad as with the SB6141.

I bought one of these from a November woot, and it has behaved flawlessly ever since. T/W made the switch smoothly, and when I took my old modem in, I asked why my rate was so much higher than in their ads, and got it cut almost in half (for a year). Between that and saving the $8/month fee, it more than paid for itself instantly!

Are there a lot of circumstances where you need your network up locally without the internet being available? I can’t think of any reason I would.