Motorola SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

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Motorola SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
Price: $49.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I have one of these and would recommend it. It is compatible with Comcast broadband out in the PNW for their highest speeds. Great way to break free of the rental modem/router combo your ISP offers. Get this and any wireless AC gigabit router and your network will be much happier.

I’ve been very happy with mine, solved all the issues i was having while using the rental from Time Warner.
I haven’t priced these lately, but this is a better deal than what i paid a couple years ago, definitely would think it’s worth a look, especially if you’re paying $5 or $6 a month to rent one like i was

When I check the Time Warner list of compatible modems it tells me that the SB6141 is good for only up to 100 mbps. The description says 300 mbps though. I have 300 mbps service so I would be downgrading my speed if I swapped this device in.

I got one a few months back on Woot. Using for TWC. Hooked up no problem. Has been working great. I have the standard internet. Runs all devices and 4 Roku’s with no problem.They raised the modem rental to $8.99 month. Great savings.

Exactly what I needed! The SB6121 model is $70 on Amazon and this is even better. This model was recommended by a TWC tech.

300mbps and 300Mbps are two different ratings…you’re talking megabits vs. megabytes as designated by the capitalization of the M. For arguments sake, 300mbps =~ 36Mbps (There are 8 bits in a byte, 1,024 kilobytes in a megabyte, etc etc). I really doubt that TW is offering 300MB service (Though who knows…kudos if they are). If you are truly on 300mpbs service, which is more realistic, this router will work fine for you even if it is only rated at 100Mbps…though I’d probably trust the manufacturer’s description of their own product over TW’s interpretation of it.

Does this work with Verizon Fios? I would like to get a 2nd modem to give wired connectivity to a second desktop. Thanks

Will this work with Optimum/ cable-vision ?

How do I check ?

Never mind, I found the answer.
Its compatible with all cable provider’s.

Will this work with Dish?

This is incorrect… The capitalization of the M stands for Mega. if it were lowercase it would be milli (or 1/1000th). The ‘B’ is the difference between bit and byte. B = byte, b = bit.

Mb = megabit
MB = megabyte

Since it’s not possible to have less than a bit, mb (millibit) isn’t really anything so you can safely assume someone typing ‘mb’ means megabit.

To answer the original question the specs are slightly wrong for this modem… they state the max downstream speed for 4 channels, but this model is capable of of 8 channels and a theoretical max of 343 Mbps (megabits per second) downstream.

There aren’t many modems out there that support more than 8 channels…

I held off on getting one of these for a long time because it doesn’t have a telephony port, and with the xfinity triple play package I had, I needed it for my phone system. A couple months back, xfinity decided they wanted me to pay $80 more a month, because xfinity. So I ordered this and an obihai 200 at the same time, ported my land # to a gophone, then from there over to google voice, setup this modem and downgraded to a double play package. Overall cost was about $120 for all of this, and my monthly cable bill dropped $60/month and that is not including the +$80/month they were about to jack it up by. So yeah, if you have your home phone through your cable company, that’s the easy path away from it, not a single problem with my obihai/googlevoice service so far.

My reconditioned one from woot died literally 3 days ago. Pretty annoyed…

How long did you have it for?

Anybody have a problem activating one of these with your internet provider? I remember reading on a previous woot that this can be an issue with refurbs.

I ordered this last time it was for sale here. Was sent a SB6121 instead. I wrote to Woot last week (as I didn’t open package til then) and was told I was SOL. Any chance that I can return mine (I paid the same price 49.99 as listed here) for the actual modem I paid for?

I ordered the SB6141 on Oct 11th, and did not receive until Oct 19th. Pretty please can I exchange the SB6121 for the SB6141 I paid for? This is the first time I have had a problem with Woot. Pleae don’t just keep my money and tell me I’m SOL.