Motorola Surfboard Cable Modems

WHAT? I just bought this from woot 3 weeks ago (it took that long to ship too, I might add) for the same price but it was a refurb!

Oooooh. NOT happy.

Strange, the warranty says that it’s 90 days, that usually is a refurbished warranty from Motorola

I purchased this because it was listed as new but now I have huge concerns that it is refurbished and was listed incorrectly. I would really like someone from woot to comment on this…

Notice on the SB6141 (white)

We incorrectly listed it as New instead of Factory Reconditioned.

We apologize for the error. The computer team will work with CS to contact those that bought this modem.

I just bought the white one off amazon for like $90 for my parents who are still using DOCSIS 1.0 modem, dummies. Spending the extra money is worth getting it in 2 days over weeks though.

I also purchased this thinking it was NEW. Please pull my order before it ships. I do not wish to pay S+H for a falsely advertised item.

Bought the Motorola SB6141 a couple of weeks ago. It did take quite a while for it to arrive. Works fine on Time Warner. The LED lights on the front panel are so bright, it doubles as a night light!

Pure BS. You guys claim it’s “new” during time of purchase and then realize your mistake and change it to “factory reconditioned” without giving the buyers a chance to cancel the order and then ship it. Terrible and shady business practices.

I bought a refurb 6141 last July. It worked fine until about 2 months ago, when it decided to go into a spiraling reboot cycle of doom. I fortunately had my old cable modem still and that thing’s been running like a champ (although not full DOCSIS 3). In this case, having a 1 year warranty may be worth the extra cash.

You will be given the opportunity to cancel when CS send out the email to all those that purchased this morning.

I have the same issue. The reason i rdered its NEW, Sent three requests to cancel my order. But no response. This place is SCAM. I am very annyed

We shall see. Unfortunately my item has already been shipped so I don’t know how we would cancel this unless I receive a prepaid return shipping label.

luckily mine is still “preparing for shipment”

I hope you guys can pull it because I already ordered a new modem from amazon because I ordered a new router just for this “deal”…

It hasn’t shipped yet. The buyer got on the phone with the vendor to stop shipments until the mail is out and cancellations are received.

Patience, grasshopper.

Thanks for the clarification ThunderThighs. The email I received just now was very vague on how to cancel… Is there a specific way or is it just submit a support email?

Thanks for all the help.

Just reply to the email. Order number will speed things up.

Should have said “Watch out for LAN sharks!”

I did as you suggested. I also received another email prior to replying to the 1st email that stated:

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

We are unable to alter (address, color, size, quantity, payment method, etc.) or cancel your order. Please understand this does not necessarily mean your order has shipped but rather that it has reached the point in processing where it is unable to be cancelled or modified.

Please refuse the shipment upon arrival, or leave a note advising them you are not accepting delivery. The item will be returned to us. You will be fully refunded for unopened packages within 7-10 business days of receipt.

If the Item is shipped via USPS, please write “return to sender” on the package and give the unopened item to the post office for return.

For future reference, we implemented an order cancellation button, allowing you to cancel an order for a short time without you having to write in to Support. This feature is available through the Order Details page in the Stuff You Bought section of your Woot account. Please keep in mind that you cannot cancel your own order if it was placed during a Woot-Off or with expedited shipping.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Ah, this brings back fond memories. 7 years and acquisition by a megacorp, you’ve come a long way, Woot!

Or not.