Motorola SurfBoard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

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Motorola SurfBoard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
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7/1/2014 - $59.99
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SB6141 Consumer Support Page

User Guide

TONS of solid reviews (4 out of 5 eggs) over at and check out the product page

This is the best cable modem out there. Very reliable. Doesn’t over heat. Really great speeds.

Comments from a recent sale

Will I need a wireless router in addition to this? I have 4 devices in my home wireless network. Help. Thanks.

You will need an external router. This is not a home networking device, aka modem router combo. We use these for a lot of our customer base and have extremely good luck with them.


This unit does not have wi-fi (hence the favorable reliability reviews – the version with built-in wireless gets horrible reviews.) You will need a way to connect this modem to your network, either with a wireless access point or wired ethernet switch.

Be aware that this is refurbished. I Bought one last time it was up, and Comcast refused to activate it because it was still registered on someone else’s account. I have to physically bring it to a local office to show that I really do own it before they will activate it.

Also, it was cheaper new on amazon shortly after.

I bought this last time it was Wooted as an upgrade to the 2.0 modem I was renting from Comcast. The install was quick and painless and has been running great for months.

I’m paying for 50mb and am netting closer to 60mb (with 12mb uplink speeds). I’m also saving $8/month in rental charges. I definitely recommend this!

I got a refurb SB6141 on a previous deal back in June. If I could do it over again, I would have gone for the Zoom 5341J… the lights on the SB6141 are BRIGHT! Not good if you have to put it in your bedroom… mine lights up my bedroom pretty good (or, uh, bad when it’s sleepy time).

I got tons of T3/T4 timeouts and spontaneous reboots due to T4 timeouts when I had mine on WOW Cable, but I’m blaming that on me trying to use RG59 fittings on the RG6 line going to my bedroom outlet after I cut it to add a splitter to add an outlet in my other upstairs bedroom a few years ago.

It was more stable after I switched to Time Warner about 3 weeks ago and has been stable after I fixed my signal issue this weekend (finally got proper RG6 fittings and a coax stripping/crimping tool).

WOW used the firmware version ending in 13. TWC downgraded my SB6141 to the one ending in 12.

My downstream SNR’s are 37-38 and -2 to -3 Power Level. My upstream power levels are 47-49. I’ve got a grounding block, a 3-way splitter and a 2-way splitter and about 25 or so feet (rough guestimate) of coax connecting my SB6141 to the outlet in my bedroom plus maybe another 25+ feet of coax connecting my bedroom outlet to the aforementioned splitter.

I had no real issues to speak of activating it on either WOW or Time Warner.

got this same model on closeout,brand new, from staples for $35

Aside from color, what is the difference between the SB6140 and the SB6141?

Does this unit support voip cable phone service at the correct speed?

^^ This.

Got this last time. All the comments about too bright led’s are correct. Has been totally reliable. Comes with NO documentation, but the information is available on the internet. I had to call Time Warner and read off the numbers, but it saves me over $7/mo in charges. Woot, woot!

Over at the mothership, comments seem to indicate the black ones have an older buggy firmware and/or are refurbs from the cable companies themselves and/or don’t have the warranty the white ones come with.

Because of those reviews I went with white and have been happy with it so far (running on Comcast).

I’m running an Ooma behind this and it’s works like a champ. Just make sure your up/down speeds from your provider are adequate.