Motorola SurfBoard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

I just bought this brand new for $84 on Amazon because Cox was coming to install high speed Internet to replace UVERSE.

I’m clocking 150mb + (exactly as promised by Cox). Setup was simple except the front lights are a little bright and there’s a constant flashing blue light.

To be clear, if someone subscribes to 300mb/s service, they’d need the modem you mention. For 100mb/s or below you’d be fine with this SB6141 – you don’t need a 16 channel-capable modem due to the area you’re in, just at higher bitrates. I am in an area with 300mb/s service. I have an SB6141 and my 100mb/s service works great.

I’ve been told what you mentioned (you need a 16 channnel-bonding modem because of the area supporting 300mb/s) by a TW tech, but the TW “buy your modem” page is correct, and that tech was wrong (as happens too frequently).

Now if Woot offered a DOCSIS 3.0 that included VOIP I’d be set. hint hint nudge nudge

Comcast has been hackling me about switching my modem, I plan on holding out for as long as I can with my 2.0 since the ones with VOIP are a tad bit more.

I bought a Motorola modem once. It’s useless as a modem and not quite heavy enough to be a bookend. Beware.

On a side note, I bought one of these last year around this time and it’s been pretty solid for me on the Cox network. It at least behaves better then the DOCSIS 2.0 modem it replaced.

I’ll chalk up a nay. As of this spring TW was having nothing but trouble for the firmware on these modems. They would fail to keep connected and then start rebooting. Despite being on their approved list and having all the right specs TW will NOT budge even if you show them that their head-end equipment is sending out crap signal ( “Looks good on our end, must be your equipment” ).

Sample threads.

and plenty more if you search for reboots, resets or t4 timeout.

OTOH The Zoom 5341J in the same jack has been nothing but rock solid.

DOCSIS 3.0 only matters if you have one of the highest speed services (Ultra or better) or. Anyone on the 25 mps or lower tiers are good on 2.0. No need to fix it if it ain’t broke, especially if you own.

I only replaced my modem with this same model I bought on sale from Amazon this summer because I was leasing and calculated that over the course of 4 years I had paid Comcast something like 3x or more than the original retail cost of the modem. I bought this same model new and calculated it would pay for itself in less than a year. My 4 year old Cisco DOCSIS 2.0 was still rock solid, and I hated to return it, but heck if I was forking over $8/month indefinitely for a modem I could own at a fraction of the long-term cost.

I have one of these, and I think it’s great. I paid $80 for mine because I was tired of paying Brighthouse $4 per month to rent one. It is a solid, reliable piece of hardware. You will need to have a separate wifi router, though. I recommend the Netgear R7000 (Nighthawk). It provides fast, reliable, and secure connections. It is also fairly easy to configure for port forwarding, etc.

Wow. I can’t believe you people with $4 and $5 rental fees. Comcast charges $8 in my area! Then they charged me a $1.99 “service change” fee when I returned my leased modem. Bastards.

For those of us w/Charter, BYOM is no longer an option. Otherwise I would jump on this puppy.

Does this have a telephone modem?

We have Comcast’s triple play, including telephone.

I realize apparently I am in the minority, but does anyone with CABLEVISION / Optimum have experience with this?

Is it time to replace my TWC issued Ubee-Ddw3611? Bye the way, TW installed the unit with no antennas, when I called support I was told that antennas don’t really help much.

I have a good router and the Ubee has the worst built in wifi ever though I don’t use it.

The real question is, I pay for a fast connection, would the motorola be a faster dosis 3 than the Ubee? I think the Ubee is also dosis 3.

Hoping I’m in the same boat. Having to reset my home network at least once a day.

I think this is considered a 4 line telephony modem. I read that as it can process 4 different lines of transmissions. So it can do internet and telephone and then still do two more.

When I have to forbid a script from to have Woot work properly then allow that script from to have Amazon’s website work properly, I think the process has changed from valuing me as a buying customer to exploiting me and my personal history as a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder.

With TWC. Have this modem. Solid.

Needed to do a reset once from the web interface, but fine ever since.

Got an un-asked-for speed boost from TWC, so paired it with a Asus RT-N66U router.

Happy set-up.

But does it have a built in modem?

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Has anyone had difficulty installing a refurbished router to a service provider?

In reading other threads, some comment that because the routers have been used before, systems like Comcast recognize them as equipment registered to other people.

How common is this?

I know that the router brand and model are an excellent and popular choice - but, is it worth to buy it refurbished?