Motorola SurfBoard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

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Motorola SurfBoard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Dec 08 to Thursday, Dec 11) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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In case you want to get this for Time Warner Cable, just keep in mind that it’s provisioned for ‘only’ 50Mb down, regardless of what the box or specs say.

I have this modem at home. I bought new from a brick and mortar store, but it’s been solid for me. If the refurb is just as good, it’s a decent grab.

Charter has 100mb down in areas, and I hit that last night on a speed test. Just an FYI if you’re curious if this modem can reach that speed if you’re allowed to by your provider.

does this replace what Comcast is using in colorado? Not sure on the model but it is a big black bat wing modem…

So do I, and it was not a problem to configure. I paid full retail, a year ago.

I’d get this… if only I hadn’t have gotten my SB6141 for $20 more from Woot this past summer. I currently have the Standard 15/1 tier (16.2/1.08 actual) from Time Warner- this is perfectly fine for my household, even with VOIP usage.

My refurb SB6141 has been fine ever since I fixed the connectors on the splitter feeding my upstairs bedrooms two months ago (I was using RG59 connectors on an RG6 cable lol) and ever since Time Warner upgraded my SB6141 to the firmware about a month or so ago.

I saw a rumor in the WOW forum on DSLReports that WOW may offer 115Mb down in the Cleveland, OH area sometime next year. In the Time Warner forum there, I’m reading that there are no plans whatsoever to upgrade the current speeds or offer anything faster than 50Mb- all upgrade plans are on hold until the merger goes through (or not) since my area will be going to Charter instead of Comcast if the merger goes through.

This is a 4x4 DOCSIS3 modem. The current standard is an 8x4 DOCSIS3 modem. More max bandwidth.

This also has no WIFI, but it is priced as such. You need to buy a wireless AP, which ends up costing as much between the two for an 8x4 DOCSIS3 cable modem with WIFI anyways.

I can’t speak for Colorado (only Florida), but I recently bought one of these on another site (for more money, of course!), to replace a Comcast rental modem. it’s working flawlessly so far.

I looked at the shipping speed when reviewing my order and it says the modem will ship on December 22. The Today’s Woot description says it will ship in 3-5 business days. Which is correct?

4.6 Stars and tons of Reviews over at Best Buy

That should be incorrect.
We’ll ping Woot Staff and inquire.
The shipping is as listed on the offer (3-5 business days)

UPDATE: We’re investigating the error and will update in the morning, but the shipping information on the product page itself is correct.

sweet ill give it a go. would like to break the 10 bucks for renting something i should have bought a year ago…love florida. thanks for some insight.

The 3-5 day window is correct. At a minimum, everything is guaranteed by the later date.

Does this work with Comcast VOIP? I don’t see a phone jack on the back.

I’m in Florida also, will it work for Xfinity? Thanks!

I prefer to run my own wifi-enabled router/AP with shibby’s tomato firmware. That way I can let my 6121 get stuffed with Comcast’s firmware but they’re not making semi-open wifi networks that I can’t fully admin in my household.