Motorola T631 Talkabout Radio, 2-Pack

Does anyone know what the actual range is on this set?

Sure, the description says 35 miles, but that is probably from the top of a mountain down to the desert below.

What’s the real range in a built-up suburban area?

The mothership says 35/6/2
“Mountain to Valley/Open Water/Neighborhood”

Damn, your a good guesser!!!

You’d be lucky to get even 1mi out of it. I’ve seen radios of this type not transmit across a parking lot. I seriously doubt “motorola” put a great deal of engineering into the RF parts to make these things remotely worth the $100 list price.

I have these. The range is great. I tested them out when I bought them and I was over one mile away and had good reception. This is in a city environment with lots of buildings to block the signal. In the mountains, if you can see it it will reach. I was talking to a friend over 5 miles away but we had a line of sight. Signal was clear as day. For the money (I paid more than woots price) they are a great product.

One user was in a house in a rural area, I was outdoors and they did not reach one mile for me. I have a couple other brands and none of them are any better in the price range.

“Motorola” is like the largest two-way radio manufacturer in the world. Thousands upon thousands of public safety personnel like police officers rely on Motorola radios every day. Yes this is not those high quality radios but I think they know how to engineer RF.

These things are “line of sight” radios. They can be boggled by houses, trees, and mountains. A tip: channels 1-14 are FRS (family radio service) and are limited to 1/2 watt. The rest of them are GMRS and are 1watt. Most people don’t know that.