Motorola Unlocked C155 GSM 850/1900 Cellphone

…a new definition of hideous.


Why would I want this?

wow, i might get this… good backup phone to have

74 out of 100 possible points on Alatest.,8/

small screen… crappy phone… hmm… no deal… how about a SIM card unlock attachment like at deal extreme?

As God is my witness, I truly hope that the “3.3 pounds” statistic is a typo, and the author means 3.3 ounces. 100g is much more reasonable.

I wouldn’t pay 25 cents… maybe you should find a phone that actually has some useful features.

seriously, 3.3 pounds?

Nokia is where it’s at for robust inexpensive phones.

I swear these phones are indestructible. Indestructible being tough, not indestructible…

Does the description really say it weighs 3.3 pounds or is it my lack of sleep?!

3.3 pounds? They should be selling these as free weights.

This is one hell of a phone, It says that it weight is 3.3 pounds!?!

finally! some innovation! a brick phone not in the shape of a brick!

Amazon says it ways 15.2 ounces.

Cheaper than gym membership :slight_smile: lol

Then I did read correctly. I hope for whomever buys this, that it is a typo! :o)
I don’t think those old “brick” cell phones weighed that much!

it has iTap!!!
is it mac compatible since it begins w/ i???

why would you want this??? Current phone hits ground, toilet (it happens) or just dies… your MONTHS away from being able to get a new phone on contract… HUMMM what to do??? belly up to the full cost of a new phone OR…this little $25 gem to get you by till your contract is up again… Nice, cheap insurance policy if nothing esle!!! Good Woot!!!