Motorola Unlocked GSM Phone


[imgleft][/imgleft] Friday, September 30, 2005


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What’s this “unlocked GSM” nonsense all about anyway? See these helpful posts:
[]Alex JS
Slashdot points to a Boing Boing story about how some mobile phone company is trying to shut down phone unlockers - stick it to the man, unlockers!


[size=14]Motorola Unlocked GSM Phone[/size]
$5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Motorola E380 Unlocked GSM Phone

Who You Gonna Call?


I might just have to buy two!

Just kidding. My service doesn’t use GSM or I would have gotten two of that last unlocked GSM phone.


More phones eh??? Looks OK, any better or worse then a RAZOR?

No camera built in??? Humm so what else can it do?


more cell phones! sweet!


that looks weird


No thanks, I got a cell phone. Night all. Still waiting for the BOC


Stayed up for this? Give me something a Verizon customer can use.


I’m in!!!


interesting but don’t think so . . .


A hacked phone? Hmmm…


Too bad i just bought a nokia 6680 :stuck_out_tongue: Time for bed



too bad i’m not on GSM…


Yeah, don’t need GSM

Probably a good buy though

Froogle puts it at a much higher price than this. Lowest price on Froogle: $118.

Not bad IF you need a cell phone and your carrier supports it.


Not cool woot, standalone dvd recorder for tv would be nice.


Nice woot! Too bad I’ve got Verizon. DOH!


Tempting, but no matter what anyone says, I still don’t think I need a cell phone at all.

Oh, yeah, first page… big deal.


Sorry , Use nextel, no use for this phone. I hope you sell more than 3 of these.


I’ll stick with my free v180.