Motorola WA840G 802.11g Wireless Access Point


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For price reference…

Motorola WA840G 802.11g Wireless Access Point
$19.99+ $5 shipping


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Motorola WA840G 802.11g Wireless Access Point
$19.99+ $5 shipping

Some people ask “Wire?” We ask “Wire not?”
The National Institute of Fictional Statistics estimates that, at current rates of growth, computer networking cables will make up 41% of the Earth’s total mass by 2017. Large tangles of cable in major metropolitan centers are already visible from outer space, and their combined weight has been cited as a contributing factor in soil erosion and seismic activity. Ultimately, they predict, all human society will be oriented toward the manufacture and service of these cables, to the detriment of traditional industries such as agriculture, textiles, and LiveStrong bracelet production.

But there is something you can do. This Motorola WA840G 802.11g Wireless Access Point should be in every home, business, and home business that uses a computer network. It provides data-transfer rates up to 54 Mbps(11), up to 5 times faster than 802.11b networking, so you can effortlessly share those superhero movie trailers and Beatles/Jay-Z mashups with every user on your network. Geek jargon alert: the WA840G also boasts WEP and WPA encryption, and it works as an access point, client Bridge, and in ad-hoc mode like a router possessed.

The clock is ticking, but it’s not too late to avert the network-cable catastrophe that some call “Wiremageddon.” Network simply so that others may simply network, or our descendents will survey their wire-strangled world and curse our blind hubris.
Highlighted Features

* Supports data rates up to 54 Mbps(11) – that’s up to 5 times faster than 802.11b networking
* Includes 802.11g wireless technology
* Installation Wizard makes networking simple
* 10/100Base-T Ethernet (Wide Area Network – WAN) port to connect a broadband modem (cable, DSL or other)
* Ability to provide enough coverage to wirelessly connect everyone in your home
* Users are free to roam almost anywhere up to 328 feet inside the home and up to 1312 feet outside
* Backward compatible with 802.11b devices
* Room to expand and add users and peripherals
* Supports 3 different modes of operation: Wireless Distribution System (WDS), Client Bridge, and Ad-Hoc mode
* The WDS mode allows peer to peer communication with up to 4 other 802.11g wireless access points or wireless broadband routers
* Get into real-time online interactive gaming
* Dual antenna design with one external detachable antenna for enhanced wireless performance

Security Features

* Firewall security features include:
* WiFi® Protected Access (WPA) with Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
* Legacy 64-bit and 128-bit Wired Equivalency Privacy (WEP) encryption
* 802.1X access control

In the Box:

* Wireless Access Point
* Power Adapter and cord
* Ethernet Cable
* Quick Start Guide
* CD-ROM containing Installation Wizard and
* User Guide


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Good deal on the access point but they sold an 802.11g router/access point for the same price a while ago.

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the previous Motorola wireless bridge (WE800G) had the ridiculous (and unstated) limitation of working ONLY ON CHANNEL 11 (out of the 15 or whatever claimed on the box). And it took about six calls to tech support to drag that info out of 'em.

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