Motorola Wireless Keyboard w/ Cover

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Motorola Wireless Keyboard w/ Cover
$29.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Tempting. I’ve been wanting a keyboard for my Nexus 7. Anyone have thoughts/experience with this item?

It’s been forever since I last Wooted, too.

I like to write, and I would love to write on the go. Has anyone used a keyboard like this on an android phone and to what success? I’ve heard that you can use a keyboard like this, but it might not pick up all the keystrokes, is that right? I am thinking about getting a tablet in the future and think I could use this then too. Any advise would be helpful as I’ve scoured the internet and haven’t found many writers that want to write on their phones on the go.


Why not Motorola?

Not used this particular one I however have used other bluetooth motorola keyboards and they have all worked wonderfully.

I’ve been using one of these since they first came out with a Motorola Xoom and other Android devices. Really a terrific keyboard. I have no complaints about it and lots of good things to say. At this price, it’s a great deal.

Is this compatible with the Toshiba Thrive ?

Generally good reviews on zee Amazon for Moto’s wireless keyboards.

YouTube review - YouTube
Another with better views of the product
Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Tri-Fold Cover Stand - YouTube

Can this be used with a regular pc desk top?

Quite good reviews on Amazon

I don’t get it. so you decide to bring a tablet and this keyboard in your bag instead of a laptop because…? it looks cooler? it’s lighter? two pieces is better than one?

Well, for one, it has a “Thinkpad-esque” trackpoint right there on it, so you don’t need a separate mouse and/or need to touch the screen.

May be in if it’s still there when I wake up. Love my Thinkpads.

A laptop is always a laptop… You can’t remove the keyboard and just use the screen in most instances.

The optional keyboard on a tablet lets you type faster/better, but you can leave it behind when you want to travel light.

it would be for the lightweight and longer battery with the tablet. if your on the go and all you need is to type something out quick and to surf the web with out lugging around a brick it would be a better option.

ermahgerd trackpoint! (As someone who always has to turn off the touchpad, I think trackpoints should be mandatory, but the industry doesn’t agree with me. They’re wrong about widescreen, too.) Why was I not informed (it looks like this has never shown up on engadget, nor has amazon noticed all the other weird keyboards I buy…) In for all of them.

Tablet? not at all, this is for the Galaxy Note - which goes in a pocket and get used as a PDA (and oh-so-occasionally as a phone) while not at a desk; the keyboard goes in the jacket (eVest) pocket, or is in a bag that is much thinner because it now has zero laptops and no giant power bricks either.

Does this work with a Kindle Fire?

why are the one/two day shipping grayed out now?