Motorola Wireless Sport Headphones

Make sure you wipe off the sweat (if you use these working out, or, just naturally sweat a lot) - the sealed edges around some of them tend to allow sweat to enter and damage the electronics. But, the warranty should get you a replacement pair…

About $20 more expensive at Amazon through other sellers. Three star rating based upon 79 reviews.

will these work w/IPod 8 gen?

It should as it’s BlueTooth, which is missing from the product description.

I don’t own these, but I have Motorola S10-HD “sport” bluetooth headphones. They have issues, and since getting them in April, I’ve sent them back 4 times. To Motorola’s credit, they’ve replaced them for free every time, but I shouldn’t have had to replace them at all. Maybe I sweat too much, but they are advertised as sweat-proof and for sport, and I use them while running. They would be great if they would just keep working.

Are you making sure the flap covering the micro-USB is securely shut? I have these as well and haven’t had a problem with them and I wear them running so there’s no shortage of sweat.

My only complaint with the SD10 is that the width isn’t as adjustable so if your head is a little wider, you’ll feel it. The benefit of this is that each speaker is connected by a wire.

I have the Motorola S10-HD headphones and the only way I can get decent sound quality is to press the earpieces in to each ear - which is not how I prefer to jog. This was NOT the case with the S9’s.

Can anyone attest to the (untouched) sound quality of these headphones?

Yes, interested in these. I have the S10-HD headphones and really like them. When they are fully in place the sound is terrific.

Only problem is that is takes a few tries each time I reconnect to them with my phone.

I work in construction and wireless is a huge difference because there is no cord to get caught on things. Even if I snake it through my clothes, twisting and bending will pull them out my ears. I wear glasses and this isn’t a problem.

I tried other brands, admittedly cheap ones (Emerson, etc), but Motorola’s sound is a world apart. Also, I have a normal, man-sized head and do not suffer with the reported pinching. I was all ready for that from reviews but sensitivity to it lasted one minute.

Call quality is great; people don’t know I’m using bluetooth. The little buttons on the side for volume, next song, make a call, etc, really work without having to practice handling. I just guess and haven’t been wrong yet on which to push. Weirdly cool.

Not to stray too far off topic, but I had the same experience with the S-10s. I don’t understand how they can continue to sell those pieces of junk. I also have the S-9s and love them. Where/how they ran so far amuck in just one version baffles me.

Can anyone provide a direct comparison between pros/cons of these vs. the SD10’s. I love the concept of wireless headphones, but bought a pair of the SD10’s from Woot earlier this year and was disappointed in both the sound quality and volume. That was before the headphones simply died.

Not to get all semantic, but, are earbuds really “headphones”? I think not.

What is the use time on a battery charge?

I’ve had these for a few weeks and do like them. Motorla sent them to me as a replacement for a set of S10-HD’s that had failed (the 4th set that had failed) These are very comfortable and I’ve used these running and at the gym with my iPhone with no problem so far. But, I am extremely careful because of past issues with the S10-HD’s. I dry the sweat from them several times during workouts and runs and keep them in a hard-sided case (not provided). As for battery life, I can get in a couple 1 hour workouts plus a 5K or two between charges. Sound quality is good enough for me, however I don’t claim to be an audiophile. (I can listen to Slacker streamed via Bluetooth through the car speakers and think it sounds great). And, they come with a 1 year warranty.

Not sure anyone will see this, but what is this 1 year warranty you are talking about? I purchased these from this woot, and they have recently stopped working.

There was a 1 Year Warranty through Motorola offered through this deal.
If you purchased this item (which you said you did) over a year ago, the warranty should still be valid.

We recommend that you contact Motorola Customer Support to see if they can help remedy the issue.

If they’re unable to help, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at and let them know. They’ll be able to answer any question or concerns you might have.