Motorola Xbox 360 Gaming Headset

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Motorola Xbox 360 Gaming Headset
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New, Bulk Packaging

Product List:

  • 1 Motorola X205 Xbox 360 Gaming Headset

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this shouldn’t take long

What is L4D2?

these should go fast!

nothing says nerd like the BIGGEST headset you can possibly find for your xbox.

Bought three of these last time they were on woot and all three were defective. Woot offered to replace but I wanted no part of them.

Stay away.

Actually, run away screaming.

well that went quick…

no stereo?

I got 3 of those the last time they were sold. A bit heavy but work well and can’t beat the price.

In for 1 cuz I always wanted to look like a defensive coordinator.

Of course… One of the few things that I want and it sells out in 5 seconds…

Got one from a previous woot, works great. U can’t beat the price…but I do get stared at when Im yelling @ the tv when no one else can hear the people talking to me.

Let’s add the standard comments:

Can I use this with my computer/mac/ipod/other non xbox item?

Can I use this on my ladder, with by cutting board?


Everytime I clicked on “Buy it” it refreshed the page???

Nothing says COMFORT like the biggest headset available for 360.

Wow, that was fast

Left 4 Dead 2

And man that was quick! I was right in the process of buying one for my first woot ever…

Left for Dead 2, I’m pretty sure. Yeah, I’m not into it either.