Motorola XOOM 10.1” 32GB Android Tablet with Wi-Fi

Same price as the other day?

well this looks familiar…

this looks familiar, lol

Woot off killer

You guys are posting this AGAIN?
Didn’t sell enough yesterday? :wink:

Methinks there will be no BOC on account of the bday BOC game

I think I’m hallucinating… Did I see this yesterday?

Let’s do The Time Warp Again!?


ASUS Transformer (16GB) has a better screen and weighs less for the same price

yesterdays woot?

Where’s the bag of crap?

DIdn’t sell out yesterday?

again? seriously guys?

is it just me or does this woot-off kinda stink…

Already have an iPad.

I cannot keep up with this insanity.

I’m waiting for the Asus Transformer, LOL

I didn’t wanted it yesterday, nor today at the same price.

$100 off, but refurbished. Not sure that’s worth it. Still too close to the price of a laptop.

Hope they only have a few left.