Motorola XOOM 10.1” 32GB Android Tablet with Wi-Fi

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Motorola XOOM 10.1" 32GB Android Tablet with Wi-Fi
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Hopefully this XOOMs on by.

Too bad if you wanted caulk- it’s grout.

I like my Wi-fi only Xoom but, ouch! I bought it new for much more than this.


Generic, worthless, low-quality comment that wastes everyone’s time. At least i’m honest about it…

Shouldn’t this be called a Google Xoom?

man, I’d totally would get this if I didn’t need to eat between now and Monday (payday).

I’m not going to waste time and xoom in on this one.

That is more like it.

Enough with the caulk and junk…

user guide:

support forum:


hmmm wondering if this is a good first tablet?


i need this like I need another mole in my bed

The X in Xoom is for Stupid…

Close the thread. No greater thing can be uttered.

I hope you’re not insulted if I say I enjoyed reading that…

Instead of buying a refurb Xoom, you can get a new Asus Transformer for the same price with a 1 year warranty (+1 year extra if you use an American Express) I love my Transformer, and the optional battery+keyboard dock turns it into a 10.1" netbook.

This is more like a Floaterola.