Motorola Z2 Play 32GB Gold (Verizon Unlocked)

Tell me please, GSM also unlocked?

Says “Verizon Unlocked”, but CDMA not shown in specs under supported networks. Will this work with the CDMA Verizon network?

Hmmm. I have the Moto Z Force (1st Gen) I’m currently trying to decide on a new phone, as it’s battery is pretty iffy, and I have some rough screen burn in. Wondering if I’ll notice a performance drop going from the Force to the Play. I know there’s a bit less memory, and a slightly lesser processor. Anyone have experience?

I have the Moto z Droid gen1 (drowned in a river). While I love Moto phones and have many mods, and will likely buy one again. I just got the prime day Essential PH-1 phone at $250, to hold me over till everybody drops their newest phones over the next few months. While I won’t ever pay for a phone that costs $1000+. I am not sure anybody needs to rush to a “refurbished” phone that is still last year’s model at this price. Too many of last year’s phones(new) are starting to be cleared out for the $300 or less price range(Moto x4 and Moto G6 are very nice near current gen for under $300 new). Moto has a press release on August 2 I believe(new phone or Moto Z force3 ?) While $200 for Z2play is ok price from a seller like woot/Amazon. The next few months will see tons of discounts on previous models. It’s just the beginning of the new cell phones being launched and Black Friday deals(buy one get one from your carrier) are just a few months away.
I’d only buy this if you must have a replacement today and have a lot of Moto mods already.

Want to add: Moto Z3 play is the newest and is $500 or less everywhere and that’s only $21 a month on the pay your carrier option(24 months). Most I think know how that works? The phone is added to your bill and can be paid off at any time. Not technically a contract, but must be paid off before switching carriers.

It will work with the Verizon 3G CDMA network

Yes, also unlocked for GSM.

Agreed. I trust Motorola as a good brand, but this is kinda a lot to pay for a refurb phone with unimpressive specs. I also got the Essential phone on Prime Day as a replacement for my wife’s aging OnePlus 1, but also considered a few Huawei and Xiaomi phones at a similar price and far better specs than this Z2.

not just refurb, s & d to boot. I’m looking for a new phone but think I’ll keep looking