Motorola Z2 Play 32GB (VZW/GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

“3.5mm jack Yes”

Correction: through USB C dongle

The Z2 Play kept the headphone jack, just like the original Z play.
The rest of the Z and Z2 lineup do not have headphone jacks.

The new Z3 Play gets rid of the headphone jack.

is this unlocked Z2 compatible with Republic wireless (

Howdy. You can use this link to see if it will work with your network.

Anyone know if this is truly unlocked? I know in the past Verizon phones had firmware that made them hard/impossible to truly unlock for use on any network.

That site doesn’t even list this phone model.

Do you know if this phone is truly unlocked for all networks? In past Vzn had firmware that made that difficult. If this doesn’t work on my network can I return it?

Asking about the model number.

Yes, you can return the phone in 30 days. Our return policy is linked in my signature. :slight_smile:

Update: Phone model is real but you’re correct, it’s not on that list for some reason. It is the Verizon version unlocked.