Mount Putty 2oz/5 sticks- Loctite Henkel

Voice dictation does not like to be told what punctuation to use, I’m afraid…

Thanks for the insult though and not addressing the actual content!

Oh you deleted your insult and now my comment gets to sit there… Ok.

You’re using voice dictation? Dang, that’s pretty good then. I tried it years ago and it read like I was a kindergartner reading a Dick & Jane book.

It takes some practice…

And some new phrases- “open parentheses” “close parentheses” …

And then you pray they aren’t written out and you have to manually edit!

You’re welcome.

Thanks volunteer!

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Speaking of manually editing, you can edit your own posts if you want. Or I can help.

I get the threat!

Thanks gang, I’m out!

Huh? Where was the threat?

Just letting you know that you can edit your own posts. Our previous forum software didn’t let you do that.

Sorry TT… Thought you were subtlety letting me know you could “edit” my comments for me

Yeah, I’ve used the edit - in one of my last replies to you about being more wary of those thunderous thighs rather than any Woot arm twisting!

Unless you were arm twisting WITH THE THIGHS!


$2.99 from amazon . Ever heard of prime? free shipping I am told.

Most of us understand the shipping but thanks anyway

Blame the seller on Amazon for being shady?

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Could be…

Always assumed woot was being fed mostly from pure Amazon stock not “fulfilled by Amazon” stock, but who knows?

No worries.

RE Price: I’m talking to the team. No promises but I’ve brought it up.

A bit of info: The woot-off was loaded with product yesterday so there’s not a lot of time to price comp each item. Most of the stuff comes from Amazon and we sell it for a percentage off the cost to us. Keep in mind that Amazon can list the same item multiple times with multiple SKUs/ASINs. We have to price from the SKU/ASIN from which we’re getting the product.


It’s both but most often Amazon. However, 3rd party sellers can reach out and ask us to help them move product so they’re not paying so much in warehouse fees.

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Thanks for the extra effort/info.

I’ll price comp your next woot off for free for being hard on ya, just email me the list!


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Hey get product wherever you can…

Then woot your woot on it

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Can you send that list to wootstalker also?