Mountain House 10-Serving #10 Cans

I’ve recently ordered three flavors from Woot. I also recently became very lazy in my meal prep for work.

The three flavors in order of preference:
Noodles w/ Chicken
Chili Mac
Beef Stroganoff

All three are good. I would definitely order the Chili Mac and the Beef Stoganoff again. I would order twice as much Beef Stroganoff as the Chili Mac, as it is that good.

I’ll be getting more Stroganoff this time around, so please don’t buy it all.

Is this the price per can?

Yes, it is.

Perfect for the upcoming zombie apocalypse​. Does this come in Brain?

Can you prepare individual servings or do you make the whole can at once?

Looks like you can make smaller servings but this Q&A on Amazon notes that you have to consume the can within 10 days of breaking the seal.