Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Buckets

It would be informative if there were some indication as to what might be needed to prepare the food to eat other than that water is needed. I assume in some instances heat might need to be applied to cook it, but you’d never know from the limited information supplied.

All of them require boiling water to be added. This is true of all freeze dried food.

If only you were near a computer that was connected to a database of information, that you could call up at any time, and find out the info you seek, like a search engine, or some other wizardry. I guess it is just more satisfying to post something rude and not help yourself.

Woot, what do the other buckets have in them?! I only see a listing for the Classic.

The descriptions of the different types are in the pictures… Woot people! Step it up and try harder will ya? Put descriptions in print for us common folk out here in the cruel world.

There is a a legit gripe here. The picture says breakfast assortment but the order of the pics shows lasagna, Spaghetti, chicken and rice, beef stew, etc. Maybe the original commenter is on a mobile device like me and this is just a user interface issue?

Silly question: What is the shelf life? If we are hiking this fall and next fall, will this keep?

From the features :tongue:

Based on storage studies conducted over many years, the pouch shelf life – where the quality of food is nearly indistinguishable from new production – is at least 10 years from the date of manufacture, if stored properly. For best results, store the pouches unopened in a cool dry area.

I believe MH says 10 years on the pouches.

Fabulous!!! Sign me up! :slight_smile: Yes, I know I need to sign myself up :slight_smile:

Good call out. Everything has been added now along with some preparation information.

I am totally amused at some of these preperation comments. Its freeze dried meals people. Add hot water and sereve. Im guessing everyone here eats at restaurants for every meal. BTW this is an awsome deal. Most all of these meals are 7-9$ each packet.

I have eaten several M/H products, all really good.
Yes, it’s 10 yrs shelf life from date of Mfg. and THAT is where MY question comes in.

WHEN, on average, were these manufactured?

If 2016, that’s GREAT!
If 2010, not so much. . .

nah these are supposed to be like potato chips…just rip open the bag and nom down

freeze dried, pshh…stupid futuristic terms :wink:

PS - this IS a good deal for these…I buy a bucket every year for my camping trips and it tastes good compared to other brands on the market

I second this question! :slight_smile:

These were manufacturered in 2016 and currently have a 12 year shelf life

These are some of the best tasting freeze dried food. Add 2 cups hot water to bag - no pots or pans required. Great for camping. Much better than wise.
The mac and chili Is great. Keeping then sealed In the bucket makes them last linger as well.

Okay - I am sure this has been answered before, but … Suppose I want one of each bucket. Can I order that? I know there is a limit to 3 buckets of one kind. How would I go about doing that?

Nevermind - I figured it out. I guess I am just old school and remember when there was only one offering per day.

Hot water. that’s it.

I do a lot of camping and backpacking. I love the MH stuff. I just want to point out that most of the time it’s one pouch per person… the 2.5 or 3 servings" per pouch is probably only true if you’re using the food for survival mode stuck inside your home.

Obviously your results may vary, but when I’m through hiking, the chicken and rice provides the right amount of carbs (123 grams!) to feed a hungry backpacker.

Also, always remember to remove the oxygen absorber before adding the water. They are non-toxic, sure, but that doesn’t mean they taste good…