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Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Case Packs
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Hey Wooters,

My boyfriend and I are thinking about taking these meals (and some other freeze dried foods) on a week long camping trip in a desert location.

Those of you that have tried these meals before- do you recommend them? And how would you feel about having nothing but these to eat for like 8 days?


If you have enough potable water on you, these work just fine for meals. Once they properly hydrate and are warm, it’s no different than eating a meal that has been home cooked.

In my experience, I tend to stick to meals that are either a meat/bean or noodle/potato type dishes. Freeze dried rice doesn’t usually come out the way I prefer.

So any of the ones in this deal are fine since they should rehydrate back to delicious.

You probably already eat a lot of food like this - boxed mac & cheese, ramen etc. Although neither of those listed are freeze dried, they need the same preparation. You’ll love them. Mountain House serves up just like “normal” food. Fantastic taste.

I’m glad they have your recommendation. Thank you for commenting!

That’s super good to know about the rice texture. I’m also a little picky about rice haha!

Thanks for commenting!

I ate these on the Appalachian Trail, and loved them. That said, I would not eat these for every meal. Go with some snack bars, pop tarts, tortillas and peanut butter, etc… for breakfast and lunches. Being able to eat on the go, or just kick back and snack will make it so much better. Stopping to break out the cookset for every meal and clean up is awful. But stopping after a day of hiking to eat one of these and lay down is amazing. BTW - I also highly suggest you repackage them a day or two before your trip into freezer/microwave safe ziplocs. It will make them pack down a lot better, and those Ziplocs (and only those ziplocs) can take boiled water. Enjoy your trek.

high sodium. High Sodium. HIGH SODIUM!

As an ex-military person, back when MRE’s were new, we lived off them for a couple weeks straight. We had no other food.(In the field for training in a school I was in) Some of us started bleeding when we tried to have a bowel movement after about a week. It turns out, we weren’t getting enough moisture. The first generation MRE’s only had one freeze dried item along with the other items, but little moisture in the whole pack. Even drinking several canteens of water just wasn’t doing the trick. I would take some canned items also. Chef Boyardi can last a long time, and when you are hungry enough, they are even good cold. I’d take something that helps you to drink lots of water like powdered drink mix. I can’t stress enough, how much water you need to drink out there. Even if it is freezing outside, you still sweat out your moisture, but you don’t realize it. Take canned fruit perhaps. Force yourself to drink lots of fluids when dealing with dehydrated food. Watch the color and smell of your urine, the darker it is, the more dehydrated you are. Look at your friends lips, if they look shriveled or chapped they are dehydrated.

Have fun! Remember, if you are hiking, water is very heavy. (8.36 pounds per gallon)

Very good info. Thank you for the post.

The mac and beef, beef stroganoff are my favorites and are exceptionally good especially with a little hot sauce. I use these at my office for quick meal sometimes, 16 Oz water in microwave on high 4.5 minutes pour in pre tear bag wait 10 min and bam u got a meal for a large guy like me. Calories, fat, sodium u gotta watch, read lable and I wouldn’t eat these every day for a month but a week no problem. Thread posters here are spot on. I recommend trying and then buying what u like only

I tried the Pasta Primavera last week and it was quite tasty. I would definitely recommend it.

I have had the Mountain House “Rice and Chicken” on the Appalachian trail and it was pretty good. The Spaghetti with Meat sauce was okay too. I haven’t tried all of their "flavors but will tell you, I didn’t like their eggs. That being said, as another person mentioned, Ramen Noodles, Pop Tarts, Instant Mash Potato’s, Quaker Oats instant oatmeal, Clif Bars (White Macadamian was a welcome change) was my easy/light favorites.

I’ve had the spaghetti with meat sauce and the chili mac and both are good. The kids liked them a lot. I mean, on a camping trip we hit a grocery store and I asked what they wanted for supper and with a whole grocery store to choose from, they wanted the MH spaghetti…we hadn’t tried the chili mac yet. I have the beef stroganoff, but we haven’t tried it…may fix that tonight for supper (yes, we’re at home), and if it’s as good as expect (and not sold out), I’ll order that as well.

I wish I would have taken advantage of the Backpacker’s Pantry deal when it was still here…

No complaints about this brand - the meals are quite good. It’s what we use for camping and emergency supplies.

One suggestion is to grab one of the variety packs that show up from time to time or pick up a bag or two when they go on sale at a retailer to try them out.

The beef stroganoff and chili mac are pretty good. Some are better than others, all taste better hot and if you have something to spice them up like tabasco.

I too lived off MRE’s for extended ‘periods’ of time.
Yes, not enough moisture for proper bowel function.
Our solution was a foil pack of prunes (dried plums).
They help concentrate moisture in the large intestine.
Taken with the evening meal daily, they offer relief!
4-7 prune serving.
Some people more or less.
Plus - they are natural food. Some may get gas from them.
Hey, if you eating at elevation, your not digesting so great anyway.
Give them a try.