Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

I’ve tried the Mountain House Beef Stroganoff. Very tasty but also very very salty. I made it perhaps with too much water. It ended up as an excellent but salty soup in a bag.

Ordered a 6 pack from Woot. Only 3 meals showed up, trying to resolve it, but there was only one tracking number and the 3 pcs weight matched up with the shipper data. Prices are just fair, shipping is slow and now I only have half my order. Woot is slipping up more and more these days.

you guys made a huge mistake this time. each order of 6 packs was listed for $39.99 but only 3 packs per order were sent out. My sister, cousins and I all were expecting 6 pouches per pack but we only received half of what were promised. you either refund half of the money or refund all of the money and get everything shipped back on your dimes. I prefer Woot ship out the missing pouches to complete the order! I love Woot but this time you guys messed up.

Oh man, sorry to hear that! If you haven’t yet, please email for assistance; CS will get you taken care of.

it is a systematic error. Woot has to take care of all customers who ordered this product.

Hey all. We’re researching the issue now. Thank you for your patience.