Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

How does family size differ from the standard pouch?
I recall getting the same weight packs (8-10 oz) that said 2 servings on the back of the pouch.
Unless I am getting something different from what is pictured, I dont believe this is a deal…
Walmart has Lasagna for $7 for 5 oz. If I want to match that weight with this deal = about 18 packs x $7 = $126

Riddle me this Batman~ Is that price correct? The same amount was $79.99 in June. Did you guys fall off the apple cart?

It appears to work out to @ 2.80/serving. Not a bargain. I look for 2.20/serving or less.

I did purchase the 9-pack back a few months ago. And I think the previous poster is correct about the price.

Mountain House is good stuff.