Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food

Hydrolyzed soy protein, beef extract, autolyzed yeast extract- all sources of glutamate (msg),disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate- added to intensify glutamates. Why is MSG bad? Google excitotoxin. Hydrogenated this, modified that, you guys really eat this crap? I’m backpacking tomorrow, i’m having brown rice noodles with a pouch of salmon, spices for dinner, a couple of slices of bread with tuna/onion for lunch, cinnamon raisin bun stuffed with precooked bacon, hot chocolate for breakfast, trail mix. All light stuff, and cheap.

Coming from someone who obviously likes to spend all of their time close to their remote control…

“most” is too much of a generalization, as there is a whole community of serious hikers, campers, and backpackers that would scoff at your walmart and fast food suggestion. Not to mention, canning food is good, but too much of it is way to heavy to lug around in a pack.

A 5 mile day trip is called a ‘hike’. Backpacking is an extended endeavor, often times into remote wilderness. MH foods are light weight and tasty, and perfect for spending 3+ days in the back country.

Agreed the MSG in these things can kill you. You really shouldn’t break into eat types of meals till after day 3 or 4 of a serious backpacking trip when you have depleted your body of its salt and need to replace it.

I was ready to pull the trigger on these but saw your post, went to REI and found that they are on sale! With my $3 (woohoo!) REI dividend, I paid $28 for 5 bags (each a different flavor) and had them in hand that day. The whole family went on a short hike Sunday in a local state park. I reinforced my “Hero Daddy” status with my 8 & 13 yo daughters when I pulled these out, followed by the single burner stove and we had a camping picnic siting on the rocks by the creek. Even my Wife was happy “better than cooking at home!” rather than teasing me about “that stupid, heavy backpack you carry every time we go anywhere.”

It was a great way to end the summer as we got back home tired and the girls managed to get to bed a little earlier than they might otherwise on the night before the first day of school.

Definitely +1 on the “let them rehydrate longer” suggestion.

The four of us used 2 bags, but neither kid eats much, and we only “hiked” 1.5 miles there.

Thanks for the tips.