Mountain Khakis Apparel

Mountain Khaki’s makes excellent clothes and these are great prices! I was very excited to see them on Woot… just wish the shirts came in more colors. I have found their clothes tend to run a bit on the slimmer side… so if you tend to run between sizes, go with the bigger option if you like a looser fit. I have found this to be true with their shirts, pants and jackets.

Mountain Khakis are awesome. I went to their one-day warehouse outlet sale near charlotte last year and bought a ton of stuff. All jackets were $40 bucks and all pants and shirts were $20. Should of bought em out as its just about all I wear now when I’m not at work.
That waxed jacket is awesome to wear just about anytime and looks great…bird hunters love them too. Looks and works better (unless is really cold) than a $600 Filson waxed/tin jacket.
They’re very versatile clothes as it seems frat boys, bird hunters, yuppies, and cowboys alike covet them when I wear them. Very durable, yet comfortable. Rugged, yet classy. They got a good thing going.