Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2-Room 6-7 Person Family Dome Tent

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2-Room 6-7 Person Family Dome Tent
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I guess I need a tent because I am going to be waiting forever for my broken office computers >:|

I don’t want My family in the Same State, much less the Same Tent!


Woot just popped a tent… LOL

The rule of tents is, if it says “6-7 man” that means that actually 3-3.5 people will fit comfortably in there.

$139 at Wal-Mart online.

Roomba please!

Not a bad price…

… although I never trust the “person” number- this is usually intended as a gauge of capacity if the intended occupants have purple skin, green hair, and work for Willy Wonka.

I don’t understand 2-room tents. Why not just get two tents? Easier to setup, more manageable for campers, and perhaps even less expensive.

This would actually be a pretty good deal if I had any use for a tent.

why 6-7 person tent?

Why not just put up to 7 person tent?

Can you only have 6 or 7 people in here? If you have anything else does it collapse in on itself?

So it’s a family tent. I guess there’ll be no scragglin’ goin’ on in there!

How difficult is this tent going to be to set up? I’m only used to using shelter-halves issued by the military.

Not a bad price… over $120 at Amazon, 4.6 stars.

This really is a great deal IF you need a tent. :slight_smile:

Right, because the fine print includes an assumption that the “people” are stacked.

Meh. I found one cheaper in like, half a minute on froogle.

“Seriously, I could take a discarded shoelace, slap some new plastic around the tips, tighten up the weave a little, and you’d never know it wasn’t brand-new.”

That plastic bit on the ends is referred to as an aglet. Also, it is not always plastic.

How well does it withstand pharts?