Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2-Room 6-7 Person Family Dome Tent

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2-Room 6-7 Person Family Dome Tent
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I love this tent! Aside from having to set it up. But, after it is pitched, it’s plenty roomy, and plenty dry.

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Good reviews on Amazon:

We get an extra hour to shop woot today!

I bought it on the PW. We used it twice. Nice tent. 2 people can set it up easy. Nice and roomy!

Bought one on the last Woot. This will come in extremely handy when the zombiepocalypse comes…

A mansion to occupy wall street!

Just who I was thinking would pick it up

Friends dont let friends buy 6 person tents.

It’s HUGE. It says 6-7 people…which usually means 3 or 4. But this is a legit 6-7 normal-sized people. It was much bigger than what I needed when I bought it the last time around. It’s a great price, just know it’s a big ol’ tent.

6 to 7? Yeah ok, but how often do you go camping with the Lollipop Guild?

Wow… this is such a great price for a quality tent!

here is a comparable tent from basspro that is more than double the price woot is offering!

I WANT ONE… clickity click clickerooo

Because zombies have trouble with zippers.

Woot is obviously located in a warm state.

Unlike the rest of America who are starting to slowly go into a deep freeze.

From my experience,a tent like this will keep other campers from seeing you and your girl getting naked, but it will not hide the noise of fun stuff as well as a trailer.

Carrollton, TX

Which is why I’m surprised we have but not :wink: Also works with but not

Perfect timing for the tent. Today in Austin it was 81’F, but when it drops we’ll be looking at camping too.

Living in AZ, so go suck eggs all you New Englanders, and Canadians eh? Nice tent too :slight_smile:

Living in Mars, so go sit on a cactus southerners! :slight_smile: