Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2-Room 6-7 Person Family Dome Tent

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2-Room 6-7 Person Family Dome Tent
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Great jumping “I Want One” buttons! It can accommodate six seven-person families?!

Sorry, tents just remind me too much of the “occupy” movement in my town.

Winter Camping any1

Perfect for the Occupy Wall Streeter on your Christmas list!

Huge tent. Great for fair-weather camping. Definitely use a ground tarp, as the floor is pretty thin.

Good, The MAN stole my last tent just because I OCCUPIED a park.

I can’t believe this is sitting?! Seems like a really cool deal…

These are $75 on amazon with good reviews.

Can’t say I’m pitching a tent over this one…

quiet a tents moment I’m sure

Anyone know if these are good for Burning Man?

Excellent! Buy 3!

Come on Woot. First I have to stare at your balls now I gotta watch you pitch a tent?

Are you kidding me?!? I paid $70 for this on Woot last month. Gah!! Humbug!!

I think I’m beginning to regret my SOG xray vision knife thingy, I got caught up in the moment… I don’t even like knives, UGH, Where’s my iPad?! I’m sooo tired!

HAHA- hilarious!

? Sarcasm ?

These are great for sleepovers in the summer.