Mountainsmith Conifer 5+ Person Tent

Ah tents, the roxio player of sport woot

Can’t we get some lightweight hiking tents?

We need to get some camping hammocks up in this ■■■■■!

This is a GREAT tent at a really superb price. There are a lot of big tents out there, but they typically dissolve in water, blow away, have crappy hardware, leak, or just generally suck.

This one does none of that. I have one of these, and it will last for a long time. The great thing is, when we’re camping out at Joshua Tree or Anza, and the wind starts howling, all the big cabin tents blow all over the place. We don’t have that problem, and the dust intrusion is minimal.

Yeah, I agree! The tents I see on here are all so darned heavy. I want a nice lightweight backpacking tent. Y’know, something that I can carry in the High Peak Everest 65+10 backpack I bought a couple weeks ago…