Mountainsmith Swift II Lumbar Pack

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Mountainsmith Swift II Lumbar Pack
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This time, I am prepared!

Lumbar = fanny pack.


the fanny pack for those who don’t want to admit that they use a fanny pack.

Dont call it a fanny pack cuz I been here fo years

haha “lumbar pack”…you’re not fooling anyone FANNY PACK!

Nice fanny pack!

Buy a man purse while you are at it.

well, it’s so small, I don’t have to ask: no, it will NOT work with my M a c ! ! !

LUMBAR pack, please.

Does this work with my M a c ???

Lower it a bit and you can easily fill it with crap.

I hear you folks like that.

I swear i would point and laugh @ the person i see walking around my town with this BRIGHT RED fanny pak! =D

Just what I needed to carry my iPad to work on my bicycle. Or at least until I get a Scottevest.

I am officially way too tired. I read this lumbEr pack. I could not figure out why anyway one would want a bag for their wood.

I own two Mountainsmith rolling suitcases one of their briefcases and they are absolutely the best I’ve owned, and I’ve owned luggage I’ve paid 2-4 times as much for, including Tumi, and an embarrassing $600 attache case.

If this “lumbar” pack is made as well as the items I own, this is a steal. Well-designed, sturdy construction, fully functional … can’t go wrong.

I want more Schwetty Balls!

This would actually be pretty helpful for athletic trainers/massage therapists/chiropractors at sports games and stuff. Not worth $25 to me, but if I get one in a bag of crap, I would be excited.

Will this work with my Segway ? Really.

in England, “fanny pack” would mean something entirely different