Mountainsmith Vibe II Lumbar Pack

Let the fanny packs blowout begin!

waist size only up to maybe 46"…so no fat guys

maybe add an extension for us big guys

Come on down to the woot off!

Lumbar pack? Call it what it is already. A fanny pack, the only difference between it and the one that the Brazilian tourists at Disney World are wearing is the color. If this was hot pink then maybe you would be calling it what it is…a fanny pack.

Bandolier of fanny-packs? In for 10!!

I’m HERE! Trying to catch up!

Go catch up hun. We can chat later.

I don’t have this bag, but I carry a Mountainsmith bag as my purse. (I tried calling it a manbag, satchel, ems, bag, kit, utility belt, survival kit etc, but nothing stuck. It’s a purse.) Mountainsmith makes an excellent bag. I’ve had mine on for 4 years, and it does not show signs of slowing down. This blog entry shows the bags contents. I replaced the bag in the entry with the Mountainsmith a few months after this was written.

I spent too long adding my comment, and missed buying one of these by a few seconds. Ha. Blew it.

damn i wanted this fanny pack for my fanny. out of stock even with my order in and charged?! ARGH!