Mountainsmith Vibe II Lumbar Pack

Just how many lumbars will it hold?

5" x 10" x 4"? That wouldn’t hold very much lumber at all. Kindling at best.


I don’t care what nutnfancy says I am not rocken a fanny pack. Now if this was the RIBZ front pack then I would be in for 3!

Nice to see fellow TNPers here. :slight_smile:


Indeed, I’d be down for 3! Yes, I was wondering if anyone was here, I started laughing hard when this came up.

Did you end up getting one of these? No judgement if you did :slight_smile:

lol, I did 2, but not to wear… I swear…serious… I just watched his last update with the reviews of the different juice models, he was rummaging around in his (lots of space for junk) and I’ve been looking for cheap storage to sort things in B.O.B. I figured this would make nice “kit” bags for different compartments.

Thats actually a good idea…

Oh thank goodness, now I can get rid of my fanny pack and I won’t look like a nerd anymore!