Mouton Noir 2008 Montgomery Place Red - 3 Pack

Mouton Noir 2008 Montgomery Place Red - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Mouton Noir Wines 2008 Montgomery Place
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Hours after witnessing the miracle of life as demonstrated through the birth of my 2nd child, I lit up a stogie, had a sit, and thought I ought to email the rest of my clan the good news about the new baby.

Upon the loading of the backed up messages, my wandering eyes spied an email from Wine
Country Connect! My first Labrat, upon the birth day of my son? Truly an unexpected gift! My thanks to Woot for (what I am sure was) this completely intentional and thoughtful surprise.

Now, to the wine:

pop and pour:
red blend wine. nice rich purple color, have I bought wines from Orcutt, CA before? minerally and thick in my mouth, pleasantly tannic, maybe red berry… but not too fruity so far. the bottle says 14.5 alcohol, but I’m not blown away by booze, which for me is a good thing. sniff: nose not doing a lot for me here.

one hour later:
so with the newborn I didn’t have a lot going on for dinner. pork tamales that I had in the
fridge, with some good cheddar cheese. pairs well- the tamales aren’t too spicy, but I am
starting to notice some spice in this wine. ginger-y? not sure- maybe I’m referring to that type of spice level as opposed to the flavors, if that makes any sense. wine coats the glass, nice mild acid, yet i would consider it pretty punchy (strong) for a red blend (in my experience i find those mild… but I don’t often reach for these red blends, so your mileage may vary). i think i smell the spice, but still the nose is not blowing me away. maybe i need a special glass…

30 min after dinner:
spicy, spicy! i smell the alcohol now, too. minerals are also stronger. maybe blackberry, too. brought out some See’s dark chocolate truffles to try with it. it cuts the richness of the truffle well, and doesn’t have much of the thickness from earlier. with the chocolate i get more berry. wait, is that the booze? I’m 1/2 bottle in now, and while I could easily polish this off I’ve got children and wife to tend to…

a pretty tasty beverage I would say! i definitely would not call it your Friday-night special occasion wine, but it is above a Tuesday nighter! Maybe after that rough Monday, or the Thursday you wish was Friday. It is something you could easily drink with roast beast, cheese or dark chocolate. for me, I probably would not sip on its own.

thank you, Woot, for the opportunity- i hope I gave you guys something to work with!


First time lab rat, reporting for duty. I got the email yesterday and unfortunately didn’t have time to prepare an appropriate meal. Therefore, pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza accompanied my tasting.

I don’t have an experienced palate, so you’ll just have to do with generalizations, I’m afraid. I typically enjoy syrah, cab sav and tempernillo, as far as reds go.

Also, I wrote this review prior to the wine coming up and woot! and therefore am surprised how little of the blend merlot constituted in the wine. I felt like it really dominated this wine. And while I’m not a big merlot fan, I enjoyed this wine. I think the price point is reasonable for the juice and am considering going in for one.

Montgomery place, 2008 California Red Wine 
Opened at 7:45
Color: garnet color, somewhat cloudy though, almost opaque
Smell: strong tannins
First taste: very structured wine, merlot backbone, chewy (though I hate that term)
Finish: lingering finish due to texture

Deeply structured, complex wine. Delicious on the first taste.

30 mins in glass
Wine has softened a lot with time in glass. Merlot elements coming through more.

With pizza:
Dry finish does not pair well with food. Doesn’t really bring out anything in the wine, except the alcohol.

An hour in glass:
Continues to open up. A very good wine. Fruit has now taken over and tannins mellow.

Two hours in bottle:
Hasn’t softened much more. Continues to be well structured.

This is a good wine with a lot of complexity. Good tannin backbone that will provide for aging another 3-5 years. Very drinkable now with some time in the decanter. I would say it’s a good value at $25 a bottle or so. Probably an 89 on a ratings scale.

Wow, another Af-Am winemaker! Definitely in for one here. (under my pseudonym, of course).


And there it is, my minute of fame!!

Mouton Noir 2008 Montgomery Place Red - 3 Pack
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MalcolmPX, CSW

just wanted to let everyone know that I’m excited to be apart of Wine. Woot! and I will be on the board all weekend chatting it up and answering any questions anyone might have


Andre Mack aka Mouton Noir

I wonder if this weekend has a theme? :wink:

what an outstanding rat report. i like the way you drink!
Er… think!

Congratulations on your new ratlet too!!

I’m in for a case. Viva La Chaine!

Brooklyn! Seeing how I’m the guy who created this wine in CT, consider me onboard. Great wine, fun story, cool winemaker, and awesome tshirts. Too bad it’s not a package deal with some schwag :slight_smile:

Congrats on the birth of your child. You should stock up now for those late nights.
Then you “WILL” consider it a Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday…Wine.

Welcome Andre. I noticed you can’t purchase the wine directly from your website. What’s the retail price for this wine?

(note to self: I find it humorous that I’m asking this question, as I consider myself someone who constantly preaches that the measure of a good deal is not the discount from retail, but rather the price you are getting as it relates to the quality of the wine. Damn you self! :happy:)

Well, after doing a bit of searching I can say this wine is quite HARD TO FIND, and impossible to find here in ATL. Looks like there are a few places in NYC where you can get a bottle. If scarcity is your thing, then I would snap this offer up. Looks to be available WITHOUT SHIPPING for $25-$30/bottle, so a GREAT deal here at $18/bottle with $5 shipping.

We do have it on our site:

I’ll offer up some fancy words again…

The label on this Mouton Noir

can be seen from afar,

It reminds me of an ink blot test

and I don’t say that in jest,

But if you listen to the Cellar that Tracks

along with the man himself Mr. Andre Mack,

You know you’ll be getting super candied purple fruit

and that’s just what you’d expect here at Wine Woot!


This is a strong fruity California blend with some oak. On the palate, this wine is medium bodied, balanced, and easy to drink but with a slight taste of tannins. This is a strong candidate to purchase for aging in the bottle. Thanks wine.woot for the opportunity to taste this offering I’m buying one.

This from CT:Tasted by beezer6 on 1/3/2011 & rated 89 points: Super heady candied purple fruit. Cassis with a touch of grape soda with vanilla and oak.Screams New World Cabernet. Solid.

Are you also beezer6? If so, can you further clarify your review on CT?

No, I’m Beefytaco on CT. According to the site, I left no notes - apologies!
My Consumption (edit…)
Consumed Size Cost Refund/Resale Type Consumption note
10/7/2010 750ml n/a n/a Drank from my cellar

I tasted this with Andre sometime last year at an event at Brooklyn Wine Exchange, and walked out with a bottle.

I recently drank his 2007 Faux Originale pinot though, and it was an incredibly balanced Oregon pinot. Unfortunately those were different grapes from a different state, but still a testament to his winemaking techniques.