Mouton Noir 2008 Montgomery Place Red - 3 Pack

Mouton Noir 2008 Montgomery Place Red - 3 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Mouton Noir Wines 2008 Montgomery Place
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This sounds yummy…anyone tried this???

Where are the darn Cab’s today ???

I’m with momma, here. This sounds interesting. At $20, maybe a bit steep to take a flyer on, but for a blend like this, $20 isn’t crazy either. Alcohol looks moderate at 14.5%. No pH numbers, but this may be kind of a middle-of-the-road style. Somewhere between my palate and Richard’s.

This is 65% cab between CS and CF. :wink:

Just stick your arm up and hail one, the cabs are everywhere, although with the rain, it can be hard to catch an empty one.

That is the type of cab you meant, right? LOL :wink:

For once I wish Michigan was NOT on the list…ugg!

hum… 3 purchases today already, its such a crap shoot not knowing whats up next, really want some Medlock Ames or Ramsey Cab. what to do, what to do…


You’ll find nothing but enablers 'round these parts.

I’m a bit surprised to not see the link to Cellar Tracker, but here it is, for the curious.

previous offering

good notes from Andre on the previous woot!also good info on the Vintners Voicemail - give it a listen.

I opened a bottle of this over the holidays with family, a pretty wine and solid every-day drinker. I’m certain Cali Cab drinkers will enjoy this Bordeaux blend…

Way to funny AND true!

I’m from Cali (Manhattan Beach) . you talking to me?

BTW I have always like your post.

Ok this is getting silly expensive. I’ve been in for 3 on the last 3 wines … Budget blown

In for one, the description won me over (they always have me at “blackberries”).

While I have no formal tasting notes on CT, I wanted to chime in having tasted this several times over the past year.

While it’s more fruit-forward than I usually prefer, there’s a great balance to it with the acidity and minerality that gives it serious depth. I’m a fan.

Would you say that this is a “drink now”, then? Or worth cellaring a bottle or two?

It’s drinking well now - but with the tannins and acidity, I imagine that it will continue to evolve in a good way.