Movie Magic!

Ooh! Lots of good choices this week!

Also, if anyone is interested, I happen to have the short-sleeved version of If I Only Had a Brain in MS on AA that is looking for a loving home!

Also, keeping with Star Trek, there’s a Bake It So Apron looking for a household with cooks in it!

I recognize the Motorhead logo, but I have no idea what the parody is… Someone explain it to me?

Nooo… How could you do this without bringing back Finding Technicolor! I want it so badly.

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has ever purchases a hoodie during one of these sales? I’ve only ever bought t-shirts from shirt.woot and I love them, but I’m curious about the hoodie. What are they like, thin style that kids wear for fashion or is there substance to them like a normal hoodie sweatshirt that it will keep me warm while outside during the fall?

Quite substantial! Fleecy on the inside, well-constructed, pocket is a nice big size. You can wear one for fashion and keep warm! :slight_smile:

Apparently the theme for this week is “movies.” Out of the 24 items being offered, I recognize four references: two to Wizard of Oz, which I’ve never seen; one to Nightmare on Elm Street, which I’ve never seen; and one to Jurassic Park, which - shockingly - I’ve seen. I’ve seen many, many of these shirts over the years, and never realized that they involved a reference to a movie.

I can’t believe you guys haven’t kicked me off woot island yet!

Woooooooo! I almost cried when I missed out on No One Left to Play With the first time. I wish I could have some kind of alert anytime a patrickspens shirt goes up for sale. :slight_smile:

Good to know, thanks for the info!

Noooooo, I don’t know if I can resist a Gozerhead zipper hoodie

Does the same hold true for the zipper hoodies?

FWIW, I get quite a few comments when I wear my @@ and Ding Dong shirts. Although I often have to talk them through the Ding Dong shirt. Seems more people think of them as Ho-Hos. “Ho Ho, the witch is dead” doesn’t work.

I’m so happy to see It Came Out Of Nowhere return to Woot!

I’ve been waiting for a reprint on It Came Out Of Nowhere for a while now.

I guess I won’t be popular with the guys manning the presses with this suggestion but it’s a shame Woot can’t offer hoodies, long sleeved shirts and tees on all their reprints.

I would say so, as they’re both the same material.

If anyone is wondering on the sizing - I normally wear a men’s large, but when I do buy hoodies, I buy in men’s medium. Here’s the visual comparison.

(Your mileage may vary.)

I’m still waiting for xenophile to return. I’m really disappointed that I missed out on that one…

Personally I have two tees of If I Only Had A Brain and felt the print quality to be sub-par to all the other Patrick’s shirts.

Hi guys, I get a few of the references (oh the alien one is so great, I’ve to get this one), but can somebody explain me the reference behind

  • Rise of the goblins
  • a simple question of weight ratios
  • ding dong the witch is dead
  • ancestry (and)
  • black knight coat

maybe I’ve never seen the movies, but maybe I’m just not getting the point :-/

Why do only a select few get offered as hoodies or long sleeved? I want a ding song hoodie!!! I think we should get a choice during these event. JMO But seriously!