Movies from the 3rd Dimension



IMAX movies are generally pretty cool. Which of these have you seen?


I’ve got a PS3 that plays Blu-Ray. What else do I need to watch the movies?


“3D life came out way before 3D movies, and you don’t even have to wear glasses to watch it. But whenever we try to sell that, nobody EVER buys it!”

What?! You will offer LIFE in 3D? Yes, please!!!


IMAX movies are always awesome. Too bad I don’t see in 3D so I can’t benefit from those… :frowning:


If you have firmware update 3.50 for the PS3 it should support 3D blu-ray, however you also needs a TV that supports 3D. Depending on what kind of 3D TV you will either need really expensive glasses that are battery powered, or if it’s a “theater 3D” TV, you can just use glasses you “forgot” to recycle from your local theater.

Personally, I have a Vizio 47" 3D TV in my living room and I LOVE it. It has the theater 3D so I have like a dozen pairs of glasses so all our friends can come over and watch movies, and our local video store has 3D movies to rent for the same price as normal blu-ray movies. I do not have a PS3 though, so we just have a sony 3D blu ray player we picked up on sale for about 70 bucks and it’s worked great.

Plus I have an excuse to use my “Harry Potter” 3D glasses I got from when the last Harry Potter movie premiered :slight_smile:


So if you don’t have a 3D TV, will these movies look blurry and fuzzy, or will they look “normal” (sharp and clear)?


Will 3D play on a laptop with a 3D Blu-ray player?


Ya know, I’m not sure, I’ve never thought to try it. I know my 3D TV tells me “3D content detected, switch to 3D mode?” so I’m not sure if the movie would default to 2D because nothing is detected or if it would be blurry. I know our video store warns everyone when renting 3D movies that they MUST have a 3D TV and 3D player, but I’m not sure if that’s a “it wont work at all” or a “it wont work like you expect and I don’t want to hear you whine about it”

For the lappy, I would assume that if it came with a 3D player that the laptop should display 3D (otherwise why would they bother putting it in?) however as far as what kind of 3D or how to use it, you’d want to contact the manufacturer to see or see if your lappy had any booklets about it listing how to use it/what you need.

Or, you can go to the local video store and just rent a 3D blu-ray and just see if it works. Worst case scenario it doesn’t work and you are out a few bucks, but less bucks than if you bought one of these movies.


Saw Mummies in Seattle - not so much.


Time to channel your inner Frankenstein and ask a crucial question:

It’s not whether you can watch these movies; it’s whether you should.

Personally, I’d rather drop $20 per person to go see a couple of these on a huge screen, while supporting my local museum (or furniture shop) rather than spend hundreds to outfit my house so that we can watch the movies once and say, “huh, I preferred [insert any other film title here]” and then never watch them again.


Anyone else get the wrong disc? I opened my pkg today to wrap it for my niece, and found the wrong disc in the package. I’ve emailed support, but wondered if anyone else had problems with this shipment.


i’m very sorry about that. glad to see you emailed in.

and yes, anybody else who may have experienced the same, please mention that here. it is important.