Mower 14"/Cordless/24v IntCut

This is a great mower. Bought it over a year ago thinking it would last me a season or so. It’s done two summers; 1/4 acre property and tackled some grossly overgrown grass. Don’t be put off by the “toy” look of this tool… she’s a beast!

Does this mow with a blade or string?

What are the small handles for?

Does this come with the charger?

This is a great mower and it has lasted for almost 5 years for me for normal suburb yard. Mine is beat up a bit since most of the covers are plastic and the handle cushions are taped with black electrical tape. The battery lasts a while but the charging will take time. My version, the battery lifts out of the cradle and you plug in like a computer charger in the house. As long as you take care of the battery (keep it indoors when not using) and the blades sharp, it’s works great.

I have been through two expensive batteries - the cost of replacing them is not much less than the cost of the mower, which is otherwise great.
The battery lasts long enough to cut my medium sized suburban lawn twice so long as I don’t let the grass get too tall (once if I do). According to batteries plus, the key is to avoid over charging, which causes the internal lead acid cells to swell and short out.

Does anybody know about how much it weighs?

Per the Worx site, the machine weight is 32 lbs.

It mows with a blade.

You hold them back to keep the mower on, one your release them it turns off.

I own this mower and love it. The battery pack is expensive, when it needs replacing. However you can open the pack, and replace the 2 12V batteries inside. That makes the replacement battery about $25.

This mower cuts with a metal blade

The changer is built in to the mower. Just plug it in!

The small handles control the blade and must be pulled for the blade to turn on.

This is a safety feature.


The WG782 does come with a mower blade

Yes, the WG782 does come with a charger

The smaller or extra handle is for adjusting the bar for those who need the adjustment.

Does it come with the bag?