Mozzarella Company Perfect Pairings (5)

Mozzarella Company Perfect Pairings 5-Pack
$49.99 $80.00 38% off List Price
(1) Smoked Scamorza, 0.40 lb
(1) Caciotta Ancho Chile, 0.50 lb
(1) Fresh Mozzarella, 0.50 lb
(1) Fresh Goat Cheese with Herbs de Provence, 0.33 lb
(1) Rosemary Montasio, 0.40 lb


Sodium chloride and salt? Why doesn’t the rennet powder just call it salt?

This stuff is seriously good. Living in Dallas, I’ve had the chance to try many of their products over the years in restaurants and through retail, and I’ve never been disappointed.

I second that. I met Paula Lambert, the owner, and have taken a cheese making class she taught. She’s an incredible woman and has been making great cheeses in Dallas for 30+ years. They are absolutely incredible!

I’m wondering about shipping. Are these packed with dry ice? All state to keep refrigerated. Thanks.

I’m in. We do so many wine tastings at the house and these cheeses go great with our wines.
Looking forward to getting together with the Wooters tomorrow in Wooster. Did a winemaker dinner last night at the Inn in Versailles, will be in Lima tonight at Vino Bellissimo and the Wooster Inn on Friday. Jana and I sure enjoy Ohio!
Chigreen, I’ave packed both the MI Riesling and the Jana Pinot Noir.

$50 for about 2 lbs of cheese? Are you kidding me?

What a small world, I was born and raised in Lima, OH. I’ll have to jump on your site and look at your wines, as the wife and I do wines.

From D Magazine

The one thing Paula Lambert missed about living in Italy was fresh mozzarella, so she started the Mozzarella Company in 1982. Today, her award-winning cheeses—ricotta, Blanca Bianca, chile cacciota, mascarpone torte, Deep Ellum Blue, fresh Texas goat cheese, among many others—can be found around the country in cheese shops, hotels, supermarkets, and restaurants. Want to learn how to make your own mozzarella or ricotta? Then take a cheese tour and class. And, yes, you can go straight to the source and buy cheese direct from the factory.

Woohoo! Good times await. :slight_smile:

? deal - listed value on the company’s website is ~$36. Shipping is pricey, though, so maybe that cuts it.

Cuts the cheese, you mean?

Screaming Woot monkey collection up for grabs

I’m so glad to see this deal, the dallas mozzarella company makes an artisanal cheese for every occasion. I’ve been to a cheese making class at the plant which has been at the same location for 30+ years, and it was one of the most memorable times I’ve had. I took my mom, and she can’t wait to take her friends; the class would also be an awesome date! Paula, the owner, and chef, is always at the store, she’s even been known to deliver the cheese herself! She teaches the classes, and truly makes the day! She is a wealth of knowledge, and I’m so happy to have discovered what the Dallas Mozzarella Company has to offer!

There’s at least one of these ^ every time.

You know, when someone joins woot and their first post is a rave for the vendor (usually a winery), great howls of protest erupt on the board, with attendant unpleasant accusations. I guess nobody’s that wound up about cheese. Plus the post sounds well-intentioned and sincerely enthusiastic. (And the thumbs-up from Scott doesn’t hurt.)

Maybe we’re more willing to extend the benefit of the doubt here than we used to be? It pleases me to think so.

Most of us are just far less active then we used to be. I saw the shill and laughed; it’s probably pretty difficult to sell cheese for $25/lb these days.

The company sent this out on their Twitter account. It’s possible they emailed customers as well.

Remember, we welcome new people.

Even shill’s??