Mozzarella Company Perfect Pairings (5)

I do my best to check to see if posts are shills. While I can’t guarantee it’s not, we really don’t see it much on this site. Wineries & companies that are on wine.woot often share the deal with their regulars, club members, followers, etc.

And really, we don’t see that much on the other sites either. When they’re there, we work with the buyer/vendor. We usually catch them pretty quick.




there are people like myself who are super wound up about cheese. bags of crap brought me to woot; vella cheese and shirts make me return.

I meant nobody seemed to be as wound up as people sometimes get when they sniff “suspiciously” enthusiastic strangers in our midst. No invective being hurled today, that’s nice. Enjoy your cheese!

BTW, watch out for ddeuddeg tonight, everybody, he’s a teacher on a tear! Mind you’re speeling and puctuation! :tongue:

We do? :wink:

Remind the vendors, especially if they share the offer with their customers, to tell them (customers) when they post about the offer, to:

  1. Buy first, then post


  1. Give as much info about themselves as they are willing. For example, how long they’ve been into wine, if they are associated with the product, if they are in the club or have a subscription / allotment, how long they’ve been in the club, etc.

or (preferably)

  1. Both 1 & 2 :wink:

It’s better when we can see they put their money where their mouth is!