Mozzie Auto-Balancing Hoverboards

Mozzie Auto-Balancing Hoverboards

Purchase at your own risk. I bought one of these for my niece earlier this year, also at a steep discount. They come with a 90 day warranty. Four months in it stopped working (it wasn’t mistreated as far as I know). I got in touch with support who informed me that they couldn’t help me due to it being past 90 days. I asked what troubleshooting steps their techs would recommend and was told that this was an issue with the auto-balancer and could not be field serviced.

I feel like Mozzie knows these are defective units and that’s why we’re seeing them in bulk on deal sites.

Wanted one of these for a while, but when you actually think about it, where would I use it?

The kids today, lazy non-walking, blaring their boomity boom boom music on their fancy wheels. Thanks for nothing Dean Kamen.

Impulse bought this one for the family to use. has great reviews on Amazon and this is a huge discount. I’m taking a gamble that the first injury will be my husband and not the kids :joy::rofl:

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