MP7 Smith & Wesson 4.5 Volt CREE HD Tactical Flashlight



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This writeup will look great on!


Is it just me or has the quality of Woot gone downhill since Amazon bought them? And there seems to be more products for sale that are not offered on Amazon.

I understand the logic. I just miss the old Woot.


I’ve already plenty of flashlights, and even if this thing is rugged, bright and efficient on the batteries, I really can’t bring myself to pay $40 on a deal website.


Cal Centron Website

This product is listed as 71 dollars after discount with a msrp of 100 dollars on this website.


Will this light do a strobe effect?


But will this actually attach TO my MP7???


Sure, you just need a 1" weapon mount and you’re good to go. If you have a MP7 I am jealous.


DealExtreme has lots of Cree based flashlights. Of course you have to wait months for them to arrive from Hong Kong.

This is actually a tad cheaper than their top of the line Fenix flashlights, which seems to be sold out, but the prices are still there. So it might actually be a deal.

The write up should specify what the lens is made of and any coatings. The reflector details would be nice too.




Of more interest to me would be the wattage of the LED bulb.

I can figure out the voltage of the light from the number of 1.5 volt batteries. Bulb wattage is going to take some digging.

Thanks Woot for missing one key piece of info!


What is a tactical flashlight?

How to Use a Tactical Flashlight for Self-Defense

Another How to article


well im in for one, I need a good light for the car. the charging of tax is still a little annoying. but if you are a seasoned enough wooter, you know where to look for the fun coupons,


$54 here with a probably $9 shipping. Woot’ll save you $18ish


In for three! I have a flashlight buying problem, and wasn’t quick enough during the Woot off… Plus, these will make good gifts. The box looks nice.


Sure, but how does it compare to a Surefire?


Meh. most cheapie LED flashlights use 3X AAA as they can run them with no driver as 3 AAA put out just about the right Volts and amps for the LED to work correctly. Problem is that as the batteries slowly Die the LED will get dimmer and dimmer. Its a cop out from actually doing a regulated driver which is how they SHOULD be made but they don’t want to spend the money to do it right. For that price I would want a regulated light.


Well, if you need a gun mount, it’s ok I guess.

But a 4Sevens MiNi is just as bright, can go much dimmer (really, 2 lumens is handy for not messing up your night vision), warm LED (better color rendition, it really makes a difference), 1/3 the size, and less money.

normal (180 lumen to 3 lumen):


I have the warm MiNi 123, which is a little bigger, and a little longer run time, but is sane on my keychain.