Mpow MDots Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow MDots Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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This is a good price for any new set of TWS earbuds. I’m assuming these are on clearance in relation to the recent review scam revelations and the exodus of Mpow and Aukey from Amazon.

Earbuds are not “headphones”.

It’s too bad Amazon took them off. No one ever contacted me, other than messaging me to let me know when a new product came out on Amazon. They had the best hands free phone holders on the market, I ended up buying 1, then loved them so much bought 14 more for gifts. Hoping they appeal and win. Sad thing is I have gotten many emails from other sellers on Amazon doing what Mpow was accused of, I reported them to Amazon and they are still in business months and months later. Go figure.

One thing I’ve seen companies like Mpow do is include a little card in with all of their products asking for a 5-star review in exchange for a gift card or other gift. They tell you to send the order info and a screenshot of and/or link to the review to a discreet e-mail address.