Mr Beams: Heat Death

The whole house-lighting set: We bought this a few months ago when it was on here. It works really well for our small place. We put one light in the hall at the top of the stairs, one in the living room and one in the kitchen which would lead us out the door. The stair ones obviously went on the stairs.

We tested it out by turning out the power and it worked fine. Then one day when we came home, it was on - we had a power-outtage while gone. So it does work.

However, we’re in a tiny 2 bedroom co-op and for a decent size house you’d need more. But I would definitely recommend it - ESPECIALLY NOW, before the bad weather comes. So many people who come to our place want one!

I bought a pair of these lights back in March of this year. I put them in the garage cabinet/pantry. The cabinet is hard to see in there so I stuck one on the top for the first shelf and the other one under the first shelf for the second shelf lighting. I open the door and put my hand in and the lights go on. They work flawlessly every time. Still bright since March. No more foraging around in the dark.

They work so well, I am debating picking up another pair. I was thinking of sticking it on the roof of my cats litter box so he can see better when he does his “business”. I am sure he would appreciate it…hmmm.

Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight

Are $18.71 on Amazon with free prime shipping.

Or you can buy a 3 pack for $15.66 each.

I got a 3-pack of those square motion-sensor type ones on an Amazon lightning sale. They have all stopped working in one way or another just after the 1-year time-frame. Not sure if I’m in for more, they were nice while they lasted…

Sounds like the bulbs are not user-replaceable? Can anyone confirm?

Does anyone know if the cabinet lights shut off if they detect ambient light? In other words, do they turn on day/night if motion is detected?

They are LED lights. The LED should last virtually forever in this type of light. If they quit working it was for some other reason.

I got some of these when Woot had them a few months ago. The outdoor motion sensor spotlights have been the most useful. They only come on at night and only when motion is detected. I put one at the front door (comes on when you are fumbling with your keys in the dark to unlock the door) and one by the garage (lights up when you park your car at night).

That particular light is actually cheaper on Amazon if you buy the 3 pack, as pointed out in another comment.

I’m wondering if there is any way to keep the lights on even if there is no motion; I’m thinking about putting them into a glass cabinet that I’d like to be lit at times.

Typically if they have stopped working than the batteries are bad. If you mix old batteries with new batteries it can also cause an issue. The LED bulb itself will last 50,000 hours.

The cabinet lights cannot remain on at all times. They do not have an on/off switch, only a motion sensor.

I have a number of different Mr Beams Lights in and around my house. I have never had an issue with any of the lights and their customer service is nothing short of amazing.

Huh, looks like it does. See what you think:

User Manual

See the “Slim Light Features” section.

“TT” Perfect!!! In for three.


I bought a couple of the stair lights last time around and use them on my steps outside on my deck. So far, so good. They provide just enough light for someone to see the steps on a moonless night, but not enough light to completely kill your night vision.

Keep in mind that several of these are available directly on Amazon for roughly the same price depending on shipping options. I already have Prime, so buying 4 MB522 on Amazon is cheaper and much faster than buying 4 on Woot.

I picked up a 3-pack of the Wireless LED Spotlights two weeks ago off of Amazon. I got them to supplement my hard-wired flood light over the garage. I liked the idea of:
a) easy, wireless installation
b) being able to light up specific dark areas
c) having some outdoor security lighting in a power outage
d) positive reviews and experiences from coworkers

  • The installation is easy… One screw (there’s an alternate two screw method).
  • The motion sensing is more than decent… I haven’t measured it out, but 20-30 feet seems like no issue.
  • The light output, for a battery powered LED, is respectable. It’s more than adequate to light a dark walkway or provide some security presence. When my big floodlights kick on it’s like the Mr. Beams aren’t there; that was expected as I got these to supplement, not replace.
  • They are relatively east to point and adjust.
  • While I’ve only had them a few weeks, people at work have said theirs lasted over a year on a set of batteries (they turn on and stay on when the batteries are on their last leg)

I plan on getting another 3-pack of these (there’s a 2-LED version, runs on four batteries and costs a bit more, FYI) and putting some in the back yard by the shed and off the deck.

For what it’s worth, I got my 3-pack for 46.99 w/ Prime (15.66 a pop). Today they are listed for 55.99 (18.66)… Go figure.

Nooooo!!! I just bought a handful of the LED cabinet lights from their website directly, and they just showed up yesterday :frowning:

I haven’t installed them yet, but I’m excited about the under cabinet lighting. They seem like nice quality.