Mr. Beams LED Slim Light, 6-Pack

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Do these automatically shut off during the daytime?

I bought 4 of these last time, dont bother. The light is dim and they only come on when i put my hand right in front of it. Worthless.
A nice idea, but.

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4 star reviews of 267 reviews

Yes they do and you can set them to shut off at 20 or 60 seconds.

I installed 4 of them as under cabinet lights and the work fine, they are not task lights but they do give you enough lite to see what your doing.

I removed the batteries and modified mine to work with a power supply.


proper installation will allow the motion sensors to function properly

I can’t speak to this light, although it is on my list to consider for our poorly lit kitchen, I can speak on Mr. Beams in general:

Last month I bought a small spotlight to use as a motion porch light as we have no wiring out there. Although the model we bought was shown more for illuminating something small like a circuit breaker (good idea too) I have been very happy! The instructions to install these things are not in the box, but they have extensive videos on their website that make it (almost) fool proof. It seems to offer more illumination than the lumens would suggest and the motion (a human 15ft away for my model) works just fine - it doesn’t catch the squirrel, but the neighbor’s German Shepard sets it off. It’s only been a month, so I can’t say too much about battery life yet, but overall I wouldn’t hesitate on this brand at all. (If it was more like a 3-pack, I’d grab this offer today.)

Any link to how you wired them to run without batteries? If I could do that, I would consider purchasing. If I mount under cabinets or in linen closets, I don’t want to bother with changing batteries, no matter how infrequent. Thanks.

Is there a way you can keep them on for more than 60 seconds? I have a wet bar area and there would be times I would want them on for a few hours a time.

The ones I found on Amazon are a four pack (, these are a six pack. Got a link for the 6 pack for $45?

How thick are they?
I want to put them under some shelves but don’t want them in the way.
I know that the specs say 2", but they sure don’t look 2" thick.

These lights offered on nomorerack website for $39. They say the list price is $75. I didn’t check their shipping price.

Apologies, here’s the corrected specs, we’ll change those in our sale as well: 2.6” H x 4.4” W x 1” D


proper installation will allow the motion sensors to function properly

Man, I tried every many different placements and could not get them to come on when i stood/moved in front of them. I did it by the book and kept trying different methods, bought new alkaline duracells, to no avail.
I paid $18 for a pack of 2. At least this “deal” is cheaper.

i know my mr beams outdoor/sidewalk motion sensing LEDs are very sensitive and pick up pretty much any motion…sometimes even rain drops…maybe yours are defective.
I might try these if the wife thinks we could use them somewhere in the house.

Don’t bother. While a six-pack, the NoMoRack ones not only LOOK different in the picture (first caution), upon reading, they are much dimmer: 10 lumens versus the 35 lumens claimed for these.

I’ve got one of these mounted in a corner cabinet that could’ve housed a Gollum for all I used to see. Now, I can see all my precious peanut butter jars and pasta boxes I had long since forgotten I owned. The light reliably fires up as soon as a hand enters the dark depths.

My other light shines on the shoes in the bottom of a light-less coat closet. If it shined the shoes too, it’d be solid gold. As it is, these two little beauties make me happy every time they light up my life.