Mr. Beams LED Spotlight w/ Motion Sensor

Time to check out the product page

Edit – apparently there are THREE in the woot pack. I would have made the product headline “spotlightS” not “spotlight.”

Are you a moron? The WOOT deal is for a 3-pack of spotlights! $35.00 for three lights beats…Pay Attention before you post!

My bad – but they should have made this much more clear in the product headline.

These actually work pretty good! They do use like 3 big C cell batteries per lamp but mine are still going strong a few months later

I’m in for some. These seem like they would be great for quick and easy attic lights.

I purchased this and another brand. I find they go through batteries often, especially in cold weather. They provide enough light to see your way but they will most likely not act well as a security light

"In the Box:

(1) Mr. Beams MB363 LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor, Dark Brown


(1) Mr. Beams MB333 LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor, White"

Very confusing…I got burnt on another Woot deal by getting confused as to what was actually ‘In the Box’. I trusted the ‘In the Box’ description and got burnt.

Actually, it’s D cells…and I wonder why they don’t say that in the description.

Are these waterproof? ie can they be used outside?

I have 7 of these placed around my back yard. I put them up so I could see when I take the dog out at night. They work wonderfully. Batteries typically last more than a year.

It is sad that woot won’t even post the battery size needed in their description. If they are too lazy to describe, I’m too lazy to buy.

These are the “D” battery size.

This is a dumb question, I guess - but if I put this outside - will the light go on in the daytime - like when a bird flies by? I want a security light at night to discourage bears from raiding my bird feeder, but the battery would die in no time if it is on all day.

Yes they are. I have one mounted on a roof just above my car so it lights up in the evenings. I’m in the Northeast and change batteries about once a year (in August before the cold weather sets in). They work great.

Any thoughts or experience using rechargeable batteries in these?

Picked up a 3-pack of the 2-LED lights (model MB393) for 20 bucks more on Woot back in December. The 1-LED versions offered here put out significantly less light than those (140 lumens vs. 300). I would agree these may be OK for some applications but I’d prefer the stronger lights for outdoor security use. They are weather-sealed and mine seem to be holding up fine after a few months of cold & rainy weather.

These things are really great, bought 6 last time they were on Woot. I put the cheapo batteries from Dollar General in them ($2 for 4) in January and they are still going strong. this has been the coldest winter on record in the northeast so I think these things are pretty hardy. Very sensitive to motion, and lots of light. I’m in for 9 more and would buy 12 if I could!

To be honest, the batteries last a long time because the lights aren’t on that much, I wouldn’t bother with the extra expense.