Mr. Beams LED Spotlight w/ Motion Sensor

They only work when it’s dark out.

I’m on my third month with cheapo batteries, I would disagree with your comment on battery life.

Cold weather is tough on batteries, especially cheaper ones. I use lithium AA’s in sensors I put in the freezer and on the boat. They provide power for a lot longer with the sensors in the cold. This from having a direct comparison of two units; one with lithiums and the other with Duracell alkalines. The alkalines gave up after 2 months; the lithiums were still working after 6 (which was as long as I needed the sensor on the boat).

Your post mentioned these and another brand, what was that other brand/model?

I bought both brands. One using AA bats and these using the D bats. The ones using the AA I have had to replace the batteries in the last 6 months. I have had the Mr. Beams for over a year with the same D batteries and they are still going strong…Even with the cat setting them off at night.

One of the other brands is an as seen on tv product.

Am I reading right that each unit takes 3 D batteries and averages 10 hours run time? What a PITA to have to take them down to change a battery IMHO, and because I’m short!

I’ve bought about 10 of the Mr Beams lights like these over the last few years. For an inexpensive light over the garbage cans, or in a shed that has no electricity nearby they are really good. The batteries do last a long time. I prefer the model with two lights for the 300 lumens -that aren’t on woot today, but either model seems good quality.

Will they attach to brick?

I purchased 3 MB363 and 1 MB330 previously and none of them are working correctly. The low battery auto sensor malfunctions to continuously flash the light on and off, even with no motion. This is a know issue with Mr Beams lights. You take your chance on if you get a good batch or not.

Agreed, I have a few others around my house. They def give you some good light to function outside or in dark hallways, but security factor isn’t quite there. 140 lumens per light is pretty good for this price though

You would have to predrill and counter sink holes since they attach with screws.

Many rechargeable D cells are actually C cells in a D case. Real rechargeable D cells are expensive.

Why do the specs say 14volts. They use 3 D cells EACH. There is no external power supply. C’mon Woot.

I was thinking the same thing. 14 volts - divided by 1.5 volts per battery - would be 9 batteries (and even then, you’re only up to 13.5) so this totally makes no sense.

I need some of these…but.
At 140 Lumens that is sub 20 watts equivalent incandescent bulb illumination.
How is that "lots"of light. Maybe its my old eyes or you guys are Owls…? hoot woot…:wink:

Does anyone know if these lights have any sort of approval such as UL, ETL, ROHS ??

Just some clarification: three D batteries are needed per light, and you’ll get three lights for every “one” you order with us here. We should have updated the specs now to make that more clear.


Waste of money. I bought 3 Mr. Beam lights from a previously Woot auction. The lights are too sensitive and are CONSTANTLY on throughout the night. I would also question why use 3-D batteries? These led lights will probably go in the trash when I get home…two brand new lights been sitting on my table and the third is still outside dead from being constantly on.

A 25 watt incandescent bulb is about 180 lumens. (it’s not really a direct conversion)
So these at 140 lumens are pretty much a focused fridge bulb.
More a convenience light than a security light, unless you’re menaced by albino moles.